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I decided not to tuck this coloring book away tonight. I finished the first page and for once in my life, I’m deciding to share, yes, but not to a point of no return like Jesus had to stop me ever so many times from doing after I’d already done it too much and He couldn’t stop me. I’ve written it before and I will never write it again–that destruction that I’ve even had flung at me verbally.

Allegory like that is best left in the past because truly, I am here to say, oh human world, the only loving memory I have of the last ten years has everything to do with #TeamJesus and nothing whatsoever to do with me, people whom I’ve lived with for this life, or governing bodies anywhere in the United States.

This coloring book is small to fit in my purse. I didn’t know this one special detail about this wee book–and I made note of it  in one of the front pages how it was so at 4:36 PM on 6/23/2018: the author of the coloring book is Cate Edwards. I am not fond of most Edwards anymore. Thanks for that, peeps. There are a few others I’m not fond of. You have some work to do where this very physical body named Cara, or Mom, or Cousin, or or or….is concerned. Where is 1 John 1:9? I use it. I don’t know enough people around me who genuinely do and let me tell you something: just because you found things out but behaved differently around me does not square away the pain in my life and the pain in the life of my last five children. You now have hell on earth to pay. I don’t. Back down and fast. amen.


There are these horses in Revelation…..they have rescued me. And I remember Tara riding, riding, riding. One day, I am going to read some of those allegories again that are tucked away with my first/second/third books (smile, wryly, America–you destroyed me, yes you did)–in my prayer piece of furniture in the Master Bedroom downstairs here.

Alot of you paraded into my life and now have exited it. You forced me to write God’s testimony of our lives your way. I have two books left, literally. I never burned myself; I recycled me though along with a few others of you. God rest your souls. amen.

Readers beware. The notes left in my coloring book are raw. They are real. They are telling you the truth about a woman who knows of two others. So that makes three of us. I don’t know what God is doing next with us, but I set my face to be there for my next step.

I have faithfully done so for 52 years all glory to God. Thank You Jesus for the privilege of being called Christian. My prayer for others who think they are Christians is that they will truly become one. Team Jesus doesn’t need this exhortation. They have my coloring because they rescued me, following Jesus around doing His will and nothing else.

And then, there is Jesus. If it weren’t for Him, I wouldn’t be here on the Internet. I’d close shop, finish raising my children and taking care of my mother, and ride off into New Jerusalem working a little job to keep up our property here. And that isn’t happening. So I am relieved of duty in some manners of speaking which caves of my existence alone yawn at me in consternation because of all the betrayal I continually keep seeing, and I am resting. There is a new hashtag on Twitter with #TeamJesus and it is #JesusTrain. I like that. I really, really do. Why? My neighborhood is why I like that amen.

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