Tribe Judah

TribeJudahUncoveredNoMore—February 2, 2018 saw me crying coming home. I was on 290 West. I always dry my eyes. It is for Jesus.

Tribe Judah of America

And If You See

I’m a Saint by Lecrae all glory to God

Jesus Christ; Uncovered No More; Streams Ministries InterNational; No Greater Joy Ministries; Chavda Ministries InterNational; Gospel for Asia; Eagle’s View Ministries; World Challenge whose prophet David Wilkerson died dead in a street like my grand-daddy and brother according to Revelation chapter 11; Stand Firm World Ministries; in Jesus Name and all glory to God the Father we declare that


My Holy Spirit parents/fathers: Robert Hilton, Jr & Mary Virginia Klonek-Beaty;  (2 John parents of anti-Christ removal)  Frances & Edith Shaeffer; (homeschool parents) Raymond & Dorothy Moore; Dr. RT Kendall; Robert Jackson; Mahesh Chavda; Robert Conner; Richard Wurmbrand; KP Yohannan; and, Robert Mumford. It is all glory to GOD how we may not have many fathers, and truly, Noah is all our father after the Great Flood.

Exodus 20; Psalm 23; 1 Corinthians 13; 2 John

all glory to GOD

In Case You Ever Wonder………

My brother made himself very clearly known to me last week. This is 8/27/2017–and I saw 11:44 PM just now. So I have simply reduced Judah to what Judah should be in America and I’m not crying, I don’t prophetically hurt anymore, and all this is all glory to GOD and in Jesus Name amen.


in Jesus Name, amen

I did not burn

what should be annointed

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

is my testimony until

John Paul Jackson listens kindly to me

after I shook his sweet, innocent hand

He was wearing a red cap and working peacefully

I was doing my work of the ministry strangely

And Jesus had already left town for just a minute

so that this Little Sister would hear Protestant Lies

John Michael Talbot’s Inner Room, which is my bedroom where I worshiped with my phone in my hand before 5:55 AM 5/26/2017

in Jesus Name, the Male Across Time is delivered of the curse of work.


Please note the time in this photo on the dirty oven’s clock (lol). My refrigerator to the right of me this early morning will get a good re-organization too. This early morning, I chose not to burn some Protestant Issues of my life. I’d already forgiven it.

November 2, 2017

Puppy & Kitty sitting in a tree


Cara came along 

and popped that bubble

Portal is Portal

And rubble is rubble 

Shut up. You lost. It is finished.

in Jesus Name amen.

Edited for accuracy 11/20/2017 after I saw a Body Form get hard slain for the sake of unity. I had been forewarned. It was duly reported in a manner of speaking to Eagle’s View Ministries. This is why the list is now very… shall your Little Sister America put it…..brief and simple. Simple honesty never felt so much of a relief to Cara Coffey as on this day forevermore and in Jesus Name, amen.

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