Tribe Judah Revisited

How many times have I moved mortals in and out of Tribe Judah to keep us all safe as Three ArchAngels and God Father kept me safe in Hell? I don’t know. But I can tell.

Anyway, an ArchAngel not of My Three who are in the Bible taught me some things long ago a short while past. And that is that He says there are female Angels. You may say that; however, that was convenient. If there were female Angels, we wouldn’t have the statistics we have about females being enslaved and murdered with their children the world over. We’d have killed all the males by now, if there were Female Angels.

There are those of Us as Females Who are Immortals. I do not know just yet how to define that; only God knows. I know that I have a greatest grasp of how Cara Coffey isn’t going to die and yet I may very well breathe my last and go up above.

But I’m not going to die and I may very well come back down to Earth. I’ve witnessed too much to say anything else. I’ve had an Angelic Male faint dead away all because that Sunday, I called upon John Paul Jackson to go to church with me and happened to let that Angel Brother handle some of the Wrath of God coming from me and Michael (Jude). He fainted and John Paul had a lot of grace that day while the worship team “happened” to put some of them up there with the last name of Jackson.

Finally, after ten years, I’m ready to say what I know about Uncovered No More: a thousand year reign ended and began in September of 2018. Ten years of Hell on Hell and in Earth and I’m now living beyond that.

It is Heaven on Hell and Heaven in Earth. I still go up to the Throne Room, though, but I can’t keep Judah undefined. I lose my soul-self to do that and John Paul looks too sober. So help me God I want to see John Paul smile, truly smile, on the Earth and the only way I’m going to do that is beg God that I get to be with his family. I’m destroyed, ya’ll. That is just the way it is.

But please, Judah, bear my burdens? Bear the burdens of the Coffey family a while longer like you’ve done so ably for ten years. I’m bearing some too, so I know we are in this together. Finally, your Little Sister can come home and just live with my Judah for a bit.

Jesus Christ Alpha

Tara Ann Moons (Cara Ann Coffey) (Cara Ann Beaty) with the Frank Schaeffer Family

Tate Publishing & Dr. Richard, Rita, Trinity, and Ryan Tate

Tate Publishing, Beaty, and Losing our American Life off Uncovered No More

Streams Ministries International

Eagles View Ministries

Chavda Ministries International

Gospel for Asia

Christ Jesus Omega

Freaking stop. looking. at this list. the ladder way. Peeps mortal, glorify God and bow the knees. Peeps Angelic, there are not any female angels, there are Three ArchAngels that are leadership, and Christianity, get a grip.

Lucifer is not “disturbing” or “evil”. What He is is delivered from the serpent dragon of Revelation 12. Now. That was a big DUH for my last ten years. Do you want to know why? I typed this so many times I’m just like, WHATever! Second John is what I know answers how Cara Coffey, or #TaraAnnMoons, knows that Lucifer is delivered of the serpent dragon and not the WHATEVER that is cast into the pit and the door closed forever by King of kings and Lord of lords upon False Prophet and Beast.

Here we go again; keeping it simple while everyone will probably try to prove Cara wrong so that we can hit delete and go another round. (smile) Yeah we’ll see how that goes over with Cara Coffey. She done threw it away, burned it, and is now challenging herself to go back to gatekeeper walking, teaching, and chor-ing just like I always did with a little more of the author, scribe, coloring chick added than used to be.

Let’s remember the basics: when I walk the ‘hood, John Paul is right there and so are Patrick Clayton and Jesus Christ. They are bugging me just now to get back to walking so I can get back to being, not normal, but something of an essence of Cara Tara from past days when we all had some fun but were so busy interpreting first this and then that that we need to have a hard reset.

Darren Shaw encouraged me tonight. A few of us worshipped at Judah Austin Cathedral and I texted with him later. I was like, Dude, I’m gonna quit the real weird worship dance. And he was like, Girl, that was cool how you and Heidi were paired off on both sides of the church dancing like that. So I told him I’m gonna stay near my chair for the next couple of months and simmer this puppy/kitty meow down. I get up there in Judah Room and all heaven breaks loose.

I have no idea why I come back to Earth anymore. I could just stay in the church and color if they’d bring me food. But then, I’d not be worth anything to anyone. That’s stupid. Do you know Whom I’m thinking of today?

Brother Lawrence is Whom I’m thinking of today. Practicing the Presence of God is a book I just may need to re-visit. He was a cook. Yay God, that is what we need. People willing to handle the fact that we will never be “normal” and we need to get used to it on Earth, yes we do.

Be Me, Be You, Let’s Try Harder, Part 3

Riverdance the final performance on YouTube

And Yes; that Michael and the Leading Lady are Tara Ann Moons and ArchAngel Michael. We had a lot of anger to deal with because Lucifer argued with us. I will refer you to my “Lucifer” viewing that is going to continue. I’m both the Angel Mother and Chloe Decker. Does anyone have any questions? Good. Let’s keep moving.

Irish Dancing Flashmob in Essex by Aer Lingus Regional and London Southend Airport

But then the children do it, and they do it better. Dad always told me as a kid that I was gonna go farther than him. Well I wouldn’t be going farther and neither would Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer, if Dad hadn’t gone farthest too. Mortal and Immortal; Angels and GOD; let’s just keep dancing, shall we? #loveneverfails.

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