10X10X10 & back again Part 10

Avengers, Infinity War Part Nine Bo Derek, Julie Andrews, and a guy in the movie Ten by Blake EDWARDS HaHaHa I've never been Bo Derek. That is laughable. I can't sing like Julie Andrews. That is insane to think of it even, that Cara can sing like Julie Andrews. But when it comes to Edwards,... Continue Reading →

Avengers, Infinity War Part Nine

IOW, Not Out Your Mouth, Part Eight edit #4236 Feature Image from FaceBook today with Instagram and shortened on Twitter: So here lately Edward and I play UNO while Esther practices or plays volleyball. Thrice now he literally has beat me in ten hands or less. It reminds me of days gone by with my oldest... Continue Reading →

Bobby Conner & The Jim Bakker Show April of 2018

The Clock is Ticking Periscope @CoffeyCara1 “Throwing Leadership Judah To Uncovered No More Dot Blog” 4/18/2018 Importation of Healing Does Not Occur Part 2 OK Satellite World, Cat Outta Bag Moment Part 3 Shane Can Conclude for US Part 4 Following is my current ministerial work flow as it concerns gifted children being home schooled. Look... Continue Reading →

My Serpent Here; My Serpent There

If anyone expects this article to appear “cohesive” you are an idiot who doesn’t understand anything at all. In America, we do not know how to ponder; ponder; and keep living in love with God first then our neighbor as ourself as well as a lot of Christians thought from about 1950 on. 

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