Bobby’s Briefings

  I set the feature image so that it can be understood I know Bobby Conner is wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove. There are not many I can say that about in America as far as Christians go in my own perpective. And I am broken in that perspective. It is... Continue Reading →

This Is my Father’s World

In my father’s office this morning, the above poem came out—so to speak. I find it interesting that I could 👂 hEAR this art and poetry where Internet isn’t. While I can appreciate various forms of media, I also can appreciate the drugging of an entire society with it. Have a care, Rich World. You only... Continue Reading →

Psalm 80, Part Seven

In Conclusion, a Rainbow Part Six This is an addendum to Double Moons produced today—one day after Curtis turned 55. It is also featured on Conversations with Psalms & Proverbs HERE. This article will be featured on Heaven On Earth in this article as soon as I finish up my artwork and magazine review. Please be aware I could testify... Continue Reading →

In Conclusion, a Rainbow Part Six

Tower of Babel Part Five 192 In Conclusion, A Rainbow <a href="">Tower of Babel, Part Five</a> <center><b>~~~The Aqua Stone Tie Pin~~~</b></c> September 6, 2013 This day, it is a terror to me. This day, I must finish that which was begun by a man, and men, of the generation who fought through World War Two.... Continue Reading →

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