About Human Immortal Sexuality

All Beaty family, as Tribe Judah, are like this. When a human marries us, things get complicated. I know this from my dad's siblings marriages mostly and then I also know some things from my previous life that popped out ten children. Go ahead and judge me. I'll know it. Then, I will make heavenly... Continue Reading →

Triangles of Love

  Brother and sister loves are intimately large and small Mysteries of defeat and miracles of love happen And it takes a myriad of choices Between the lines of time While humans forget Pause and ponder Lies and love Beckon GOD created, humans sin, Jesus died and rose again Redemption places conspicuously hide there And... Continue Reading →

Pondering Love in Seasons

This featured photo is a picture of the framed original. On the left is my grandfather, Robert Hilton Beaty. On the right is his wife my grandmother Eara Davis Beaty. My grandfather died when Dad (Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr.) was about six weeks old in the womb of my grandmother. He was the sixth child.... Continue Reading →

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