July 27, 2019

I’m livid. This country will not stand for what Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are doing, but that is playing out less fast than I’d like it to right now. In the meantime, you have Cara Coffey as Tara the ARCAngel keeping on keeping on. Check out what my blog article on Cara Loves Austin […]

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July 10, 2019

Let’s just say Cara Coffey is passing up a lot of humor TODAY but since Lydia used bleach to tie dye a shirt for her summer theatre class I knew something was up yesterday. New Cara Coffey hashtag on Twitter, four accounts: #UNDERSTATEMENT. @ShekinahMoon @HolySpirit6661 @REtrrnal @Tara66612 I’ve picked the wrong kind time after time. […]

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June 21, 2019

#GoodNumbers #HappyFriday @Toyota @exxonmobil #AATara #AALucifer #AAMichael #RuneStones #PaganCircle #BlackSaltPaganCircle #Witch #Warlock #Apocalypse The hashtags are from my @twitter post just now because of the feature image. #GodSquad Leadership on @twitter: 😂 Never. I know the leadership. @Twitter is harboring criminals. @deadbelow is in no way, shape, or form of #godsquad or #GodSquad. I have […]

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