Just a Whittle Coffee Mom…

9:50 AM 3/23/2019 @ Whole Foods Eminem’s Evil Twin PS: I've got 3 sets of Irish ☘️ Twins. Happy St. Patricia's Day Father Pat! 😂 St. Catherine’s of Sienna in Austin, TX on Convict Hill, Baby   In plain English I will tell the World that Cara Coffey, Bobby Conner, and Mahesh Chavda carried this... Continue Reading →

Pagan Love, Baby, Part Two

Letter to Lucy by Frank Schaeffer & EGJ2 Part One thank GOD! 😂 (I am laughing because it used to be a part 11 and I was given grace by GOD to delete the other ten parts! Yay!) We are all too gorgeous. So coloring alongside reading says what I remember to help me process... Continue Reading →

And I Love Being Proven Roasted Wrong

Catholics & Protestants Love Burying Me Alive There was this little girl one time; perhaps she was there in other times but she cannot remember it. What she can remember is being Mary Magdalene; being the Canaanite Woman; being Hagar and Zipporah; being Apostle Paul and being in the thoughts of Jesus Christ dying on... Continue Reading →

Hagar Speaks October 19, 2013 This blog article is allegory. This is my husband's birthday, and we have experienced a resurrection beginning today. Curtis Edward Coffey, he is that Husband Adam who does not eat with his wife of the knowledge of good and evil. Happy Birthday Curtis. And to be clear: I am basically... Continue Reading →

Beelzebub, Baby

He’s a Dragon Slayer My Horses are saving me in 2018. Thank You I AM. Beelzebub, come to Mama. I see you. I see your temple prophetesses. I see your home that you took with no permission. And I see power of God Seed within the realms that you know not of; you know not... Continue Reading →

He’s a Dragon Slayer

And I’m just a gal named Tara in the spirit realms. Dragons must slay dragons is what this mother of 2 John has learned today. Let me see if I can do what I’ve done before and drop my physical form for a few minutes, rise above the earth, and write in the Beautiful, Dove’s... Continue Reading →

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