Day Two

Vow @TweetOfSpirit_ & #TaraAnnMoons Part One Vow @jesus_twinkie & Luciferian Accounts Part Two @MTaliesen Part Three @SonOfGodAndMan & Twitter I Die and Resurrect once a week for a 53 year life. I am now to the point that I am comforting myself and taking care of myself in the process. I don't think as #SheKinah... Continue Reading →

I Will Fix This

The biggest problem Cara Ann Coffey IS is love. I suppose it is a good problem to have. Some days I don't agree with myself. Whatever. In 2012 through 2013, my home-school children and I did a United States Prayer Initiative where I set in place Bible Passages and prayers while making sure to copy... Continue Reading →

Just a Whittle Coffee Mom…

9:50 AM 3/23/2019 @ Whole Foods Eminem’s Evil Twin PS: I've got 3 sets of Irish ☘️ Twins. Happy St. Patricia's Day Father Pat! 😂 St. Catherine’s of Sienna in Austin, TX on Convict Hill, Baby   In plain English I will tell the World that Cara Coffey, Bobby Conner, and Mahesh Chavda carried this... Continue Reading →

A Rainbow IS STILL a Rainbow

This is the wholly uncut version of my the Untold Story of Uncovered No More files about the Double Moons Prayer Initiative Conclusion. Awakening Blessed Be & Amen is the page which gives the Pagan, full version of the initiative after all of my writing was destroyed along with my publisher and also so much of my blog work was... Continue Reading →

The Catholic Church & Satan, 2

To Everybody in General & Nobody in Particular, Maybe 1 June 9, 2013  This week, Curtis shared with me a tragic murder tale that happened in the 1960’s. It is possible that a young woman who went to a confession in the Catholic Church was dumped in the bottom of a river by the priest... Continue Reading →

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