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Lemme say; when a gal gets in a jam, Brother Mahesh can help her out, strange as he is and so am I, about once a year. There have been a few times the past few years I wish he came twice. But here is the deal: I don’t think Austin could have dealt with THAT! (wink)

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I will release art work here and there on this page of prayer for I AM. But today I am going to testify. Had Brother Mahesh not been faithful worldwide for my 52 year life, this beauty would not have come out of my life stated in the art work and prayer which seared my heart blood-less today. I testified to him the last time. Who, Cara? All men of my age or older in America, of America, from America…….all men.

For you have betrayed me and Brother Mahesh didn’t. You have betrayed the little girl and Brother Mahesh didn’t. It is as simple as that. Producing this artwork is going to make me cry because the world of men who are not immortal like me have betrayed me and Brother Mahesh didn’t. He is immortal but that isn’t an excuse for what you did to me to get to your immortality. But more to the point, you did it to Jesus after His Great Sacrifice and I watch you in real life argue him down still.

Jesus has set me free. Nobody else could have and I told you that more than once in writing on blogs you destroyed while you laughed at me; at my children. But Brother Mahesh Chavda was right there making it possible in real life my whole life for Jesus to set me free.

I didn’t want this testimony; Jesus didn’t want this testimony; Brother Mahesh didn’t want this testimony. We wanted you of American Christian males to bond together in unity that we know is there, the three of us know it is there. You didn’t do it and now I’m crying again.

My prayer came forth today for my haters, my betrayers, and everyone in between of people who are educated, who can generally speaking pay their bills, and who are not turtledoves whom are also defined in the New Testament as “the least of these”. I pray that you will know passion with the Father. It is in Jesus Name, amen. Realize, my Beloved, I am not praying for you before the Holy Spirit as it pertains to the Son. You lost that privilege precisely on September 25, 2008. I regained my life when I gave all three websites and my author responsibility (for it isn’t a right; I can hit delete but I can’t do that and be free any more than I can leave off church attendance and be free) rights to the Man of God Who Takes the Sin of the World away all glory to God. Thank You Holy Spirit for being Teacher and Comforter You Who most definitely made me able beyond impossibility to pray for my enemies in real love of the Father today even as they still hurt me in real life. They demand my mortality. You demand the opposite and I think that is a true looking glass mirror. For now I see in a mirror, but dimly. Then, yes, then I see face to face all glory to God.


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