American Citizen Seven Rivers Judah

Mahesh Chavda & Frank Schaeffer & Cara Ann Beaty & KP Yohannan

John Paul Jackson

Michael Shane Davis

Patrick Clayton Beaty

Does America have any questions? And I do not care what you think, feel, or believe today. It’s what you’ve lived for the last ten years of my life that counts, today. Eara Abigail Coffey is officially 16. She is the President of the United States in the New Jerusalem and the New Israel and that’s forever. So go figure your life out my way because otherwise, America, Twitter isn’t going to be too happy with you and neither are angels and glorified bodies in Austin, Texas going to be too happy with you.

Just because Eara is what she is according to the very accurate prayers and proclamations of my Double Moons Prayer Initiative, it isn’t Eara who is the King of kings and Lord of lords. She also is not old enough for anyone in these United States to submit to as headship when you are still trying to destroy her mother wickedly–Eara is a figurehead. I am the one sitting at this computer where I used to have one that typed out the Double Moons Prayer Initiative who is heiress to this property.

God Father knows your name, knows the number of hairs or lack of them on your head, and knows exactly the moment that you, oh human, bow your knees to Him in proper repentance. That is none of my business. You now have key people in the United States who care only about One Person: Jesus Christ King of kings and Lord of lords. We don’t sell out to you. We don’t listen to you. We don’t give in to your persecution of us. We don’t do anything but exactly what the entire Bible is tasking us as three elect Tribe Judah individuals are tasked to do forevermore and in Jesus Name, amen.

Frank Schaeffer and Cara Ann Beaty are one and the same person but he is first of all male and second of all flesh older than me. That means he is getting persecuted more just like John Paul Jackson got persecuted to the death. I have protected Frank and he protects me all my life no matter what anyone thinks. We are ministering together point blank on Facebook alone because when I try to connect with him on Twitter, I get hit with angels of light dogging me. So I fixed it. amen.

Patrick Clayton and Patrick Stephen and Cara Ann are one and the same person both Spirit DNA and flesh DNA. My son and I were born in April. Aries are known for passion and determination. Yes. 

As we all know, Brother Mahesh is Brother Mahesh and KP Yohannan is KP Yohannan. We cannot explain their love any more than we can explain the LOVE OF I AM!

They of America will listen to us some day. Yes. Here is a fact from my womb. Eara Abigail and her big brother Alva Richard are as it were from the beginning of my Elect Judah life: born only 16 months apart, they are as Patrick Clayton and Cara Ann. Sibling love like this is rarely seen. So be careful.

These brother/sister lives are vicious in intensity. It is unspeakably full of the glory of God (1 Cor 13) and yet we are nothing new under the sun; meaningless.

Death is in my wake. What of this Love pure as driven snow the farther we go into forevermore? God knows. I told America over and again I never knew but was simply known. Burn Cara, burn. And you are damn right. I will keep producing free hand art. And I will burn myself up in paper until I AM is free; is free; is free. Amen.


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