My name is Cara Coffey. That is enough information for you, dear reader, whomever you are. Rest assured I love you. Rest assured I love the Lord GOD first, but I was not taught that I should love HIM FIRST all my 44 year Christian life. If you are a Christian, and if you are of my parent generation–ages 74~120–then I forgive you. You messed up (Rev 13 Big Time). As I said: I forgive you.

I forgive my generation. You had no business dealing with m the way you keep dealing with me who is the prophetess in the heavenly door construct of the United States with 144 (Revelation 7, 14, and 21) in my life core. You are not my friend. You aren’t my family unless of  Tribe Judah America  primary blood line as GOD knows and you nor I never did all glory to GOD and in Jesus Name amen.

I am a member of Austin Cathedral because my father was a friend to that pastor for many years. I am under the vow over at Life Austin for the testimony of love coming forth from a modern-day Elijah who suffered, and died, for the sake of the love of I AM, John Paul Jackson–Streams Ministries International–and Michael Shane Davis who lost everything of a ministerial situation as I did since we both oversee a home property which has heavenly doors streaking through them first here and then there (Revelation 12 and 13 since we have indeed lost in the ministerial construct of heavenly doors). These three of us are Tribe Judah. That much I know. The rest of it is optional in my life because as all Christians worldwide know, I AM is in charge. So my testimony has been sealed for the time being effective fully September of 2017 all glory to GOD.

I have seen the LORD; glorified bodies; angels in the body form; and I am a seer. But I’m also just a lady. Yay God!




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B4 I Eat Breakfast 9/25/2017

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