August 14, 2019

It feels like Paradise to get my house back in order. It is not anything of the sort to realize the implications of the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, the lying ongoing from the White House, and the betrayal that must be removed by my testimony from Austin, Texas.

All of that being said, I do not know why I was shown this, above. I added the purple sky by accident; my ink bled (smile).

I am here to say I know it is time to go all retro, America. We need to take the example of President Barack Obama and return to reading, writing, and arithmetic more and the rest of it less.

Dad is speaking. That is normal to admit as a Spiritualist. I guess I better say people around Me need to get used to it because My People are here, I’ve done a lot of work in Spirit and in Truth IRL to be able to say that, and I had a good nap today.

I will remain silent after having testified to the person who was supposed to hear about my father. Above, Dad and Uncle John his oldest brother were visiting in the house we moved to after Patrick Clayton Beaty died the second time on September 28, 1980.

I am appreciative of the fact that I have the look of peace on my face that my father had back then. He lost his brother Edward Kenneth Beaty after a two year battle with Lou Gerig’s disease, and then ten days later it was his son.

We knew. We know. We Are Known. As I said, #ATX needs to get used to My People being Here. Dad and I are together, We don’t give over, and despite the ravages of religion that caused schisms of disagreement between he and me, that all is rectified and now many people need to realize He knows the Truth about Me.

Silence of mine comes with your cost, not mine. Fix it I suggest. I don’t care, though. I’m just being Me, honest.

I have taken to conversing with people on this website because I get hollered down and told many things inaccurate to my life otherwise.


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