August 19, 2019

Please let it be known the last picture is a #freehandart which concludes that book. #AATara

Two Immortals are calling Life Austin and Ford Motor Company into repentance in Austin, Texas this weekend.

We were both born in 1966 so I wouldn’t suggest anyone argue. Have a great weekend, Sinners. I’m quoting a Satan account on Twitter to say that.

There is a much deeper message in this article. It will remain pinned on this website. You already know what the message is America. Have a nice death experience your way. He won. It’s obvious.

Evidently He is leading Me to give this ferocious article 10 days. Eara will be 17. That makes safe, perfect sense. You will never be able to say We don’t live loving you America.

Day 6 at Uncovered No More

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