July 24, 2019

Thank You for a New Heart; Judah is still there. That’s what You didn’t know when I despaired because You thought about leaving this realm because You…You thought You couldn’t take My Pain anymore after so many times together, so many eras of 1,000 years where We are and We Were.

But You forgot something and remembered it in June and July of 2019 because I don’t know why, and maybe You will tell me someday.

It came from my second book, Uncovered No More: loved by Jesus. Cara knows I should have been on the cross reviling Jesus Christ, not You. You’ve taken the Revile-ation for a Sister Love; and, She knows it. Nobody appears to know it like I do. This makes Me so sad, but I will keep telling them.

I told everyone including You that I should have been up there. Now You know what You did; how You took it. It is time the World know it too in Your time. You will figure it out. The least I could do was be honest today, cry a little for Our Pain, and write what I feel as I continue to listen to You.

We will teach by example that there is no running away from Us this time. Maybe they don’t realize I know Your Face. Maybe they have forgotten We All can work together worldwide forever, as the cost is not counted, to see less suffering, and less suffering. You will remind them. I’ll keep coloring Wordless Blessed. And that is lovingly that. 😊

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