Faith Hope Love Coloring Book

I purchased this coloring book at the Randall’s grocery store off William Cannon at the time of a mid-term election and was with a Son of God at the time of voting by His decision. We did not speak to each other. That is normal. I went back to purchase the book and do not always shop at HEB. God, that’s an understatement. Anyway, to each individual in #ATX their own. I do what I do. You’ve got to accept it now.

I voted Democrat at the mid-term and am glad that the Democrats as a whole were given a little bit more power in the House and Senate. Nancy Pelosi is an idiot. Enough said.

I am coloring in this book in protest of racism and sexism very prevalent in both the Republican Party and the White House. Donald Trump should be impeached. We all know it. Russia, go to hell on social media. Same, America, if you are #MAGA and etc.

I have closed the doors, and locked them, upon the work of both immortals and mortals as it concerns the last 12 years of my life. Have a good life and death, YMCA associates. Ditto a few other places. I love you, you hate Lucifer and Tara, and don’t expect Me to behave like you do love us when it is obvious you want to keep up with a masquerade clearly ANATHEMA–it’s even in Israel at this time and in times past. Fucking hell….what they are doing to the Palestinians is wrong.

OKAY back to our regularly scheduled programming. Love you, Earth and World System!!!

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