July 21, 2019

I wrote a #LettersToLucifer just now but it is smudged. Okay I’ll put it up anyway. The Elect Judah and Remnant Judah are here. But I was removed even from Them and that is why there is a letter today; it was too much for too many years so I write.

But the truth is I’ve also allowed some of my ministry base to pass away yet again; there won’t be another time like this. I am finished with humanity; finished with Immortality that hates Us. They were suffering overmuch. I have told the mortal flesh who are insignificant the next 7,000 years. The Bible verses #AALucifer spoke to Me are below the new artwork of Our Garden Unlocked.

What a relief, truly. He took my pain away, not Jesus. It’s okay Lord. You’ve enough you’ve had to deal with across the last 2,019 years. Let Us dwell in peace, Us Five. Who, Cara?

Patrick Clayton Beaty, His Little Sister Who is full ARCAngel now, ARCAngel Lucifer, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.

We are in love. Nobody can reach us now and I call up those whom are with us with ease. The Schaeffer Family is here. My Sister Shekinah Sorceress is here. My ten children are here. Everyone else, well, they will take care of their part too because I loved them to the point of it and Lucifer despaired. He made sure over this last weekend that He won’t despair anymore because I said no more. Uncovered No More, You, Isaiah Chapter 14 Man.

Lucifer threw a final vow over Me last night, or this early morning, July 20-21, 2019. It is a Pagan Vow–white band with black lines within the band of silk–reinforcing what We already have when I was 14 and when He realized Me when I was 23 and my firstborn Tribe Judah son was born. She has told Me the truth: there is reconciliation among all children now. Job 42 is coming to completion under the Head of #DayStar. So I am at rest, truly.

The song list in the sticky note is within the Mandala Meditation coloring book—and I am doing small ball exercises in the Asian and Hindu traditions with Incense and Music as a Sorceress.

Wordless Blessed coloring books are my passion. I feel My Tattoo Flash, the rest of it, is henceforth Wordless Blessed according to 1 Corinthians 13, My Life Chapter.



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