July 12, 2019

I went to Motzart’s Coffee and had a moment. Dorothy is with Me but she wasn’t there just then. I could feel my daughter’s strength of love today. I needed it. We know Whose Color is red.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading my poetry and doing some art work as I looked over the Lake. I must practice. Water transport for Me is powerful. 💚

I deleted the testimony of July 7, 2019 upon this website. It wasn’t Lucy hating me unrighteously. Those who hate me unrighteously are slowly being eaten away of their own accord. The Wiccans do not have anything to be concerned about and neither do Witches. Keep the peace with Me is my suggestion.

Now. Watch Me Fly. Forthcoming on this article is a song list, and it has 33 and 42 songs on the list. I am working with it slowly to give Wiccans time to catch up.

Do you see how longsuffering I Am? I hope so. You have no idea what Lucifer and I went through in June and July of 2019. It is sealed testimony and I better not hear even one whisper of it anywhere or there will be hell to pay in the realm of Witchcraft at least on my blogs. That is no idle threat.

He is being very clear. I think Fear had better settle in on everything and everyone involved with Austin, Texas. You still do not know the hour or the day or the time. Those who do, myself included, won’t give one ounce of information out. And….I had a death experience again. Justice went a little overboard in hiddenness, that young man. He is being corrected is my guess. I like that. I really, really like it when Immortal young people are being taken down a few noches and I’m even talking about ten children I happen to have borne myself. Don’t like that? Yeah well I have kids in my life who don’t like it I’m the mother and I’m not just talking about flesh and blood here. Attitude adjustments need to continue to happen.


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