July 9, 2019

To the extent that humankind can control a Deity roaming to and fro upon the Earth Core as I Am doing, it is the extent they use you.

I have understood today how to put a stop to it in my life. I will take further measures to not allow control to be given to anyone as it concerns Tara Ann Moons, SheKinah, Uncovered No More, and My little life this time around as Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey.

I meant nobody any harm. I always have done what is right. I will never be understood on this Earth. And I think perhaps I have the most courage of anyone at least in America today to simply move on and get this reality I will live with forevermore placed in proper perspective.

I Am Female GOD Expression. You will always use me whether you are angels, nephilim, immortals, or mortals. How devastating to understand the Plight of Almighty GOD. If I cut this wickedness off My Body Form, know, oh world system, I cut if off GOD and understand how you can use this action to further good being love never fails that will take the scourge of wickedness off the Earth daily, one smile at a time. Amen.

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