June 21, 2019

#GoodNumbers #HappyFriday @Toyota @exxonmobil #AATara #AALucifer #AAMichael #RuneStones #PaganCircle #BlackSaltPaganCircle #Witch #Warlock #Apocalypse

The hashtags are from my @twitter post just now because of the feature image.

#GodSquad Leadership on @twitter: 😂 Never. I know the leadership. @Twitter is harboring criminals. @deadbelow is in no way, shape, or form of #godsquad or #GodSquad. I have two contacts. One of them got me out of the mess @Biff_Metatron was a part of. The other is deciding with Me that we are going to swing #GodSquad back to gentle humor. I will not release the Handles protecting Me. They will be quietly informed.

This is serious. @ShekinahMoon was taken from Me last night. I brought up @JesusToo2. I have been through this before. I Am not the only Handle that deals with this sort of situation.

I found The Lie. Yes I will trace it. You fleeced my children. You will never do that again.

In 2016 and 2017, Curtis refused to fully inform Me of the why of what mortal he was doing. He wrenched control of my part of the finances away from me and used my mishandling of finances as his excuse. The only problem is Curtis has a history of hiding information from me. When he was doing porn as a Christian married man, he would hide it. I’m an empath. You hide nothing around me. Isn’t that correct Recie Edward Saunders 3, Rick Joyner, and Bill Johnson? I pull out information and you cannot avoid the incident. Y’all, go watch Lucifer. It is accurate.

Curtis, with other mortals in Austin, you lost. Here is what my iPhone Interactive list I just got sitting here at the YMCA safely–is singing to Me: The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

This fact is prophetically accurate to my testimony. Kenny Rogers went with Tate Publishing like I did and Patrick Stephen did. They went under January of 2017 like clockwork considering the criminal (rapist) in the White House. Boyz, you gotta know when to hold ’em. You know nothing and I’ve been saying that for years.

I am going to do one other thing to keep the peace right now: link where the Periscope is that I’m telling the truth upon. My father was in the dark as was I. OK. I knew all along except for Dad. I wasn’t sure. NOW. I have assured Patrick Stephen he won’t drop dead….and he assured me he knows he won’t. But Patrick isn’t a mortal. We all know that. The rest of you better watch out. If you’re just a mortal, you may drop dead like the young man did a couple of months ago at this YMCA. Have a nice death, mortal world. I found the truth, they tried to scare me today, and they lost again.

I will be coming to My YMCA 5-6 days a week. I am going to Austin Cathedral on Sundays. And that is that. Mess with Me, and the guardian angel around Me will know it. You won’t know why you got struck with, say, gout. (Revelation 22)

Hold ’em now Boyz. Don’t count the money anymore. Dealing done. You’re in jail.

Day Six on uncoverednomore.blog

John Paul Jackson’s Perfect Storm

John Paul, they lost. Hallelujah Brother it’s hopefully time soon for you and I to hug IRL, Brother. They killed you, I died inside a billion times, they took Scott Evelyn, I died again a billion times, and they are still killing people around my testimony but We both know We are the #DeathDeities of Uncovered No More and Streams Ministries International. I know Love; I know I own the mountain and the ministry. #ThankYou for deeding it to Me in Spirit and We neither of Us care about the Flesh Life. Get your backside to Austin and run that ministry yourself, Dude. Come on!!!

John Paul Jackson and Cara Ann Coffey play a mean game of Monopoly. Baby America, you have no idea.

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