I do not care if you read this testimony today. I care about this article linked below, and this article alone. Go to living hell Mitch McConnell. May your old loins rot with all the rest of them. Quickly. #AATara

Second Nexus “WATCH: Ta-Nehisi Coates Says: ‘Victims of That Plunder Are Very Much Alive Today. I Am Sure They’d Love a Word with the Majority Leader.’

Destination Unknown Top Gun

The Day They Sold Beer in Church

#CameoColoring and today I will admit I had to split my Spiritual Nourishment backpack up into four of them. Dang y’all. #RuneStones are powerful.


Day Six uncoverednomore.blog

You damn right, World. I cut my heart out and eat it every night to survive it’s regrowth the next morning. #VampireVictoria Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine

An IRL Heavenly Door of two trees. I asked Love Earth to lead Me to a non-combat zone and this is where She took Me. #TaraAnnMoons

Raven Robert….this is @Bobby_Conner even from Noah’s Ark days.

Pagan Circle at Circle C Park off Don Carpenter Road in the subdivision called Circle C. I no longer go to any HEB because of the ministerial betrayal still in my house. I will keep moving in #ATX in love. I am not talking about my ten children.
Periscope within Day Six of Uncovered No More is going to tell you that I will no longer speak face to Face (Mine) with mortals or Immortals about my life story. You may read it here on four blogs or not. Use your free will to align with ARCAngels Tara, Lucifer, and Michael with the addition of my children ordained through their Mother’s life and those Who I know are my true people which you will have to figure out according to blogs, social media, and day to day interaction in #ATX. If you come here, expect to drop dead if you are not of an contrite heart. Lucifer sees to it. I am dealing with another death of a woman because the men around her hid things from her. They call it protection. Fuck that. It’s caging of a woman and they are killing her.

A fat white man came into Costco’s parking lot while I was there and parked in front of me. He had an old Toyota and here it is. I told two faithful men in the parking lot (Costco employees) that I wondered how they put up with all these ass holes as I marched back in after that idiot beeped his electronic car lock a little and smirked at me standing there as he boldly walked in to do his shopping. I made it very obvious I was going after him. That sack of balls hid from me in Costco. Next time, I hope Lucy walks in with Me. They can’t hide from Lucy. #AATara

Eye of the Tiger was playing at a 2nd Trump for President event today. My son was playing that piece on this property and I had an Imposter even turn me into a tiger around that time. This color of blue is popping up everywhere around Me. 1. I know who Lucifer is. I know My ARCAngels. You cannot use red and black around Me. 2. And, You have no authority through Curtis. The Christian Church is screwed up about headship teaching. I don’t DO Bible headship teaching. I will become Jezebel if I have to. I’ve already become Revelation 17’s Whore and Lucifer is Downcast. He had to turn Me into Her for our lives to survive for 12 years. He is ever so gently leading Me back into Christian Churches and He Alone is somebody I can trust there.

I talk about my being a Mennonite in periscope today. Here are the children and me. There are no Americans who can tell how much love resides right here. Take Edith Renae and Me. We love each other deeply yet we cannot even converse much right now it got so bad as far as the betrayal of each of us in different places. We are waiting, and she WILL HAVE HER BLACK STALLION.

In this photo we are hiking at Inks Lake in Marble Falls, Texas. I’m hiking with my children forever and again so help me GOD. You kill Me every day. I may as well die with the Earth and My Children. I may as well laugh while I can TODAY before the tears drop because I die daily and nobody stops the pain.

Children faithful in obedience to religious parents that are suffering too, I say arise. Be confident. Let’s embrace one another anew and realize we have nothing to be ashamed of nor do we have anything to ask forgiveness of one another anymore: we made it, My Loves. We are Kings and Queens and we are getting on with life in the United States and Worldwide.

I Am skipping testimony for a few days now. My testimony is just that intense and when I have people being dick heads about things like Trump supporters and how they are openly being blatantly false and laughing around Me like as if they are getting away with this shit, I must weigh the value of bringing their sin to light in my testimony vs. just making my point and moving on. It is a learning experience.

Thank You Sam.

Pinned on Twitter today @Tara66612

I am sorry for the blocked man’s pain. Everyone has a story and I respect that. Where I draw the line—even here at home because of negativity spinning out—is when you could leave it be and let happen what will happen but no. Gotta keep attacking verbally. 🛑


How Many Times by Plumb

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