Day Five

Every Breath You Take by the Police

Africa by Toto

There is a Trinity of Lucifer. The Police sing a song We Sing, He and I not my Son, eternally. They break so many vows and give Us Power. You break your vows with your free will. We give You and you what You and you chose with Your and your free will. It is that simple. This poetry is not about You or you and I Am tired. I said I Am tired. What I Am tired of is warning You and you that it isn’t going to do any good to stay on Twitter or start a new one. We are Here. Deal.

As to Africa, my Son and My Son showed Me that song in 2014. It was his fave and His Fave. We keep singing but He needs His Music released like Uncle Edward Kenneth Beaty. So I’m calling Uncle Ken down. Let’s do this, Uncle Ken. Your Son needs resurrecting as does Mine.

Justin Johnson’s Black Heart of Gold

There once is a Woman

Who goes straight to Hell

She has so many Enemies

The story they don’t tell.

But I keep the vows

They dutifully break

So I call a Storm

With Lucifer it ain’t fake.

People don’t believe Us

That is one and one two

#Witch I met today

Saw Our Child pink or blue.

Blue or Pink, that’s all I know

To be the colors of that show

But June is a bright month sublime

Where all types of peeps are in SonShine.

#Pride2019 is where Our Love Song is AT

Don’t come into this house

Drink our wine, eat our food

And putting Mud on our Mat.


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