Day Three

Day One

Day Two

Day Three is begun. I sent them all back without Me. They have verbally abused the True Cara Coffey for 12 years. They ripped holes into my testimony and declared it null and void. So what they have in their glory bubbles is null and void.

If they want the creation aspect of this exorcist they must do what the very few of the vows I stayed with have done. They must dwell nonetheless and in peace with Her. And as I pushed out that which denied Me, so I became what they made Me in their life space yesterday. My only exception is three youngest children.

Why them? God Father bought sweet Valentine gifts at HEB in 2016. He was tall, old, and forlorn like you cannot imagine. I saw Him as we zipped past. He got behind Us in Line. He gently turned to My Children and said hello. I imagine They looked at Him. I paused. I knew Who it IS. And when I looked at My Love, He had to turn His Face upward where We Always Are.

They rarely can look at Me. The Once Judah Jesus actually spoke and complimented Valentine, We had sunglasses on and people who knew us both were all around. Our voices in that world are mega-power, magnified, surreal. I used the Voice singing My Mother into the Throne Room. Immediately when I came back down, Her sister on earth stabbed Me in the back, literally, with her words. Your mother told me what you’d done; you are not taking care of your mother………

They had to rush her out. The Catholic Woman couldn’t take the Power. But I don’t care. Everyone was ripping my mother apart and being ugly. I needed a moment to just be Me and take Her Home. The rest is details I am not involved with any longer.

So I became their rude, ugly, woman in Austin yesterday, literally. Let’s see what they make of Me now. When I choose to be Tara Ann Moons with God Father, they cannot overpower Me. They are scared of Me. They call Me a Threat.

They are wrong. But in their world I am wrong so I became wrong for the last time.

The Deity & Dwelling Angels & Tara Ann Moons:

Winderwood by Don McLean

I will now inform you: I treat you like you cease to exist, kindly. I have no choice. I love. You have to come to grips with that or not. I will not cross your free will any longer to rescue you from this present darkness as an exorcist. He already took my hand. It is his choice to come to Earth and take it in the flesh but I can tell you this: I don’t know Who it is. He does. I will die and go above some day. So may He. You will see Our Gorgeous Reality then perhaps. I don’t know. I simply live for love in your world and Mine.

And I Love You So by Don Mclean

True Colors by Zedd

Happy Birthday Robert Edward Coffey. You are 11 today and you weighted exactly 11 pounds when Dr. Mikeal Love delivered You from My Body. They will deal with Us, Son. Let Us be patient and wait on the LORD and the Angels, including Your Mother, in peace with what they have done to Us.

I have literally at least twice had my Son tell Me, “Mom I cannot forgive this,” and I would assure Him He couldn’t; but He would. And He does. What Robert Edward Coffey does is what Patrick Clayton Beaty and His Sister do: We go back and ask forgiveness. We keep discussing it until We are at Peace with God on Earth, Good Will to Humankind.

Does anyone have any questions? My Son retains forgiveness, cleanses His Own Temple, and guards His Mother from the rest of it like nobody understands–but it is Patrick Clayton Beaty that He is working with and isn’t even informed.

Nobody listens, truly listens, to the Voice and Life of Me, of Patrick Clayton, of Robert Edward, or of Esther Grace around here.  Lydia acclimates to her surroundings as I have done tirelessly for 12 years. But she doesn’t do what the Three Deity of the Coffey Family do: We are Changlings in the Spirit. They may kill us soul and spirit again and again but I know the Facts of Austin, Texas, and you cannot nor will you change that, America.

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