Day Two

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I Die and Resurrect once a week for a 53 year life. I am now to the point that I am comforting myself and taking care of myself in the process. I don’t think as #SheKinah there is any way for any of these Men to take Me out of this suffering. I hope I’m wrong. But in the meantime I am loving Myself better than before April of 2019. My mother had to die before I could be released. That is very easy to see on the earth.

Why is it this way for the Female in this line up? Two books and one Angelic Marriage is why. I smile. I finally actually know a why puzzle piece. Second John and Jude and ArchAngel Michael are why I die and arise every Friday through Sunday. They and I are broken there. We will remain faithfully broken there until We are reunited–(We must speak face to face is all I am saying)–somehow, someday, someway, somewhere. I am not in control of that; neither is They, perhaps. I don’t know about Their Side. But let Me tell the World and the Earth: We are Whom We Are and that is that.


I told a man that I needed to drive 12 and I took my children this time when I died and I was smart–I even drove within the 666 of this life’s suffering in San Marcos with my Beaty family.

The Children and I laughed; we saw flowers; and I catapulted us to Washington, DC, yesterday because I miss my Moe. I know where my children are in spirit and I respect where they are in flesh.

How is it I am caught in love? No matter how much I cry, no matter how much I laugh, no matter how much I sing and dance; there is this ache in Me that never goes away. I guess I never wanted to leave and now I don’t want to stay. I don’t want to be left behind and I don’t want to go above and leave them behind. 

Love is this: eternal. And so on Fridays, I have told my children we will finish up our school week and head out. The Hill Country is before us, we have audio books to listen to, and I have a blanket in the trunk. We can be as we have always been and my children will see an immortal love the mortal; love the angel; love Herself; and forget the flashback of hell that was thrust upon her like a heavy weight of a shawl upon her shoulders, and that only She could bear. 

He has told Me, you see, but I may have heard wrong. He was here yesterday; I told him. There at least wasn’t the torture of my immortal soul. There was a Bridge, Loves….loves. Perhaps someday, the mortal and Angel of my life can be in the same room with each other and love Me together instead of pulling Me apart because I love Him and always did.

It is as pure as the Journey which we mortals brought forth with 12 pregnancies. (Revelation 12). I turned and let Him sweep over Me so instead of chasing Me to the wilderness, He stopped the wilderness, He looked, and He listens to Me still because I Am something else that He knows and they don’t. He decided I want to leave death and so He is fixing it. He never assumed I was fine. Never. Across the ages He is always there and never assumes I am fine. I am resolute but I’m never fine to Him and that is why we are the way we are. Nobody can change us. They must get used to it. #MaryMagdalene

He can laugh now. That helps me carry on. He isn’t lonely so we have broken the curse.

I Am. amen.

Jenny of Oldstones by Florence + The Machine

The End of All Things by Panic! At the Disco

Let it Be Tonight by Rick Astley

I believe Him when He says He can fix this.

1000 Years by Christina Perri

Don’t Deserve You by Plumb

Everyone Who and who makes my story eternally don’t deserve one another. This is Love. That being said, My Immortal Men got Me out of heaven and hell and brought us all back to Earth (not world or earth) in perfecting of time. This is miraculous and mundane. That is funny to Me. Thank yous are useless here. We are Welcome back to Earth and We are grateful that 12 years is past.

My Elect Judah Council is complete.

And I Love You So by Don Mclean is Me. This is the next morning, 5/19/2019 and yes, all but love is dead. That is my belief too but Loves, I’m making sure the night is day and freedom too with my expression.


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