I Will Fix This

The biggest problem Cara Ann Coffey IS is love. I suppose it is a good problem to have. Some days I don’t agree with myself. Whatever.

In 2012 through 2013, my home-school children and I did a United States Prayer Initiative where I set in place Bible Passages and prayers while making sure to copy each state and the date of our prayers on notebook paper. We went to Half Price Books to get a set of Encyclopedias and so we would read about the states as we did this.

Franklin Graham of Billy Graham Ministries went state to state to pray for this nation and was very much a Republican and pro-Trump. That happened in 2016 if my very tired memory serves me correctly. I knew they were using my ministry. Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries was very easy to read in this regard. He is a MAGA. Fuck this shit. My family on my mother’s side is also MAGA.

Yesterday, with witnesses, I ministered to some of my mother’s family. I sang a hymn. Everyone was crying and the response from the family was negative. There was a Protestant/Catholic clash in real life going on. As is typical, one aunt attacked the other aunt, and me. My mother trusted her youngest sister during some of her dark days as my father was dying and I was literally, spiritually in hell testifying alongside Satan.

Since my third cousin on that side had already fought with John Paul Jackson and taken authority I never gave him, the betrayal of me went so very far that I really shouldn’t talk about the destruction of Me if I’m in love with me. And I Am in love with all of Me.

And I quote from the wickedness yesterday, “You didn’t take care of your mother.” Curtis also had the first cousin who is the mother of the third cousin and named Mary Virginia like my mother tell point blank lies to him about my father. My family will always be angry at me because I had to swing my Spirit DNA to Michael Shane Davis and deny my family just like the Bible’s New Testament tells Me I must do. Just like Jesus told Us and us We and we should do.

I told a child yesterday that I would fix this. Telling the truth is fixing this. I am moving on.

A Lucifer body form went to church with Me at Austin Cathedral a week ago next Sunday. He was wearing a black and red plaid shirt. Then, a question was asked by a Twitter account I follow for us to post dog pictures and Prince Lucy answered with the picture of a powerful, fully black dog with red eyes.

Then accounts began to post their Jesus pictures (with a few others) with red eyes. These are laser eyes. My own family knows I have that quality. I have seen them rub their eyes after I speak with them directly, looking them in the eyes.

I sang the hymn yesterday and catapulted my mother and everyone into the Throne Room. Many people could hear me sing. Someone came by and asked who had sung the hymn and I said that I did. He said it was angelic, I knew that. He asked if I was professional. I said no.

The Beaty testimony in this regard is that Uncle Edward Kenneth Beaty taught himself to play the guitar so well that Chet Atkins wanted him on his team. God told Uncle Ken that if he did that, it would not be right. He would be using his gifting to make money. Uncle Ken played for the Pentecostal Church we all went to in Garland, Texas. Uncle Ken died ten days before Patrick Clayton Beaty died the second time in a Garland Street.

Do you see the mortal testimony and the Immortal testimony? I don’t care if you do. I care about doing what I told that little girl I helped raise what I would do–that I would fix this. Her mother is a monster. We love her anyway.

My maternal family is a shit-load of mortals that hate me because they don’t seem to realize that it doesn’t matter what treatment an Immortal such as Myself receives, everyone always thinks we are the worst sort of vermin.

Michael Shane Davis was un-righteously thrown in jail for 13 years in Mississippi. He had to have an angel save him once because they wouldn’t give him his medication. He was dying. Shane has had falls, etc, where he should have died. He cannot be killed–He is and has been Jeremiah, Ezekial, and of course Apostle John. I have seen him go up though. He has suffered so much God may have already taken him. We cannot talk to each other. We are both Tribe Judah and I am too powerful. DUH.

His wife had been married before. She wouldn’t marry again until the man was struck dead as commanded in the New Testament. She is obedient to the Bible. We are talking about this for a minute: the man struck dead used a heated curling iron in foreplay with Shane’s wife.

Do you see the difference between Immortal and Mortal yet? No, you don’t. I have fulfilled my end of the bargain with this shit-filled maternal line. Go to death your way. You are now completely out of my life. You earned this testimony. Keep earning it. I will have nothing to do with you.

Margaret Elizabeth Coffey came into Austin, Texas, from Washington, DC, two days ago. We slept with my mother just last night; she is not gone yet but I have made the Throne Room ready for her, obviously, all glory to GOD.

When I walked into my house at some point yesterday, Margaret was there in the kitchen. She was wearing a red and black plaid shirt just like the Luciferian when I was at Austin Cathedral.

Suicide Squad is now fully in place. Go do death your own way. Lucifer and I will take you down every time. Now here is the truth: I told an AA Michael associate that I passed through the temptation to take him down. I now will refuse to take down Lucifer.

Jesus accounts, prepare yourselves. I’m taking you down. I will take down anything that exalts itself. Get a grip. I have done so much for you all everywhere you ought to be ashamed of yourselves and you are not. Whatever. Go to This Death Episode your way. See you later, or not. I know already that Lucifer will not let Me see whom He damn well does not think I should see. The same goes for all ten of my children. I never had control. Let Me tell you who does have control: Tara Ann Moons and Lucifer. He has no choice in the matter of whether I choose to train my very powerful self to stop taking him down.

I had no choice about the vow He met Me with when I was 14 just like Jesus’s Mother was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit to have birthed the Savior. Now everyone should be able to see how much Lucifer and I love one another. Remember, there is no sexuality here. I am Uriel right now, today, typing this testimony. This is because Uriel’s testimony is always held down. Not anymore it is not held down. Lucifer and Me as Jesus Christ and Lucifer Female are seeing to that. Enough is enough.

Thank You, all of You Males, Who are Michael Men. You are the greatest comfort a Sister who is so powerful can have. Again, there is no sexuality here. I am the Fire Angel.

When I Am Lucifer, it should be automatically understood I Am the Death Angel. If you don’t know my testimony in this regard I do not care. Have a nice life, ass hole American.


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