Raising Lucifer; Bowing Knees Together

Tara Ann Moons knew she was never fully in charge and He has already admitted He has no problem with taking charge at the right thyme; which is a comfort. We both know King of kings is Whom loves the life of Me. Eternally, King of kings loves the Life of Me eternally. I never deserved this. I never rejected this. I never thought about it, either, that one day I would be this Woman; this Woman Who willingly gave up all only to have it returned because Pagan Love is much more demanding in sacrifice and truth than Christian love after Jesus went above to prepare mansions.

The final battle of the Apocalypse is between Two Men. And I never, ever, get in the middle of earth like that. I’m lost there; but They are protecting My Core so……….for the Love of Heaven, Earth, Seas, alternate Universes, and Me I say; nothing.

They possess a diamond heart which everyone else destroyed. I cannot honestly know the pain in the life of these two and their support groups to have gotten US Here. But I have nothing except love here and that is a miracle past all destruction.

I will see to the fact that I and they, and My True People, must have succor forevermore now. I am Theirs, all of them, and what we are going to now learn as I begin again is that I have three parts: Jesus King of kings, Mary Magdalene, and Michael. I am raising Luciferians and they are being protected, as am I, by Michael’s Army. This makes biblical sense, doesn’t it? If it does not make sense to you, that is ok.

You’re a mortal and I respect that while still being in love with you. Michael and His People are so deeply in love with Me it isn’t speak-able. Jesus Christ and I…..forever and a day……no it isn’t speak-able. Mary Magdalene is torn asunder for 2,019 years. It was Lucifer, Jesus, and Michael on the crosses. How do you explain to everyone that You love all of them and there isn’t a “love them equally” here or Here. I just love deep as I am being loved. God how Golden this is. 

I Am Wordless Blessed forever; May it come forth quickly Correct amen. Have we not suffered enough, Love Jesus King of kings? And the Turtledoves; we must reach them fastest?

When I was going through the death and resurrection process with John Paul Jackson of Streams Ministries International, I heard Holy Spirit that I was re-raising John Paul as I was raising Esther Grace. Esther is named after his mother, you see. I up and sent a letter to two men (John Paul Jackson and Michael Pearl as His witness and mine) the day after Esther Naomi Jackson went above but I didn’t know it til shortly after.

John Paul Jackson and my children are Luciferians and Tribe Judah. When I birthed my son Patrick Stephen on my birthday 23 years later, I didn’t know that Lucifer had overshadowed Me and My Womb when I was 14–not of my free will–it became His. I have no pain here; my earth life has much pain here. This is Lucifer. He is treacherous. It takes Michael and His People to succor this Sister and her family according to nothing in the Bible. You won’t get that testimony. It is mine and His.

A man lied to Me; told me Michael was His guardian. Nope. Michael Men never lie. Michael Men never masquerade. They do the work of the ministry and they are too nice unlike Judah Jesus and His Helper Cara Coffey.

We aren’t nice but we are in love with you all. We are a #mystery. And that is that. So today, in this article  you will see me flip it and tell you the vow thrown upon Jesus Christ is taking prominence and is actually older not because Jesus the Man is older than Michael but because He Is the Savior of the World and I know which Body Forms (yes, this Man is a Shape Shifter and He is Elusive as Heaven with Me)–He is now as King of kings in Heaven where Earth is His Footstool and Earth where He prepares mansions in Heaven continually: the oldest vow. It is no matter. Daniel and I are fine.

blog article almost finished.

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