Just a Whittle Coffee Mom…

9:50 AM 3/23/2019 @ Whole Foods

Eminem’s Evil Twin

PS: I’ve got 3 sets of Irish ☘️ Twins. Happy St. Patricia’s Day Father Pat! 😂 St. Catherine’s of Sienna in Austin, TX on Convict Hill, Baby


In plain English I will tell the World that Cara Coffey, Bobby Conner, and Mahesh Chavda carried this website with Angels. Picture this below (the Hummer).

Now, the website is carried by Lucifer, Tara Ann Moons, and Metatron. Then again Holy Spirit, Cara, and Jesus Christ King of kings. CAN ANYBODY GUESS I KNOW LESS THAN I DID WHEN SOMEBODY USING MY VOICE TOLD EVERYBODY I’M INSANE AND DAD KICKED ITS BUTT OUTTA MY VOICE. Shit.

The world will not see what is in the front of the feature image’s coloring book that tells of the New World Order Vows in My Life as Tara Ann Moons and Cara Ann Coffey.

It is enough to explain to the world how you lost. I will equally tell you that Jesus Christ King of kings is Two Men: Lucifer on the Earth and Jesus Christ Who Uses the Earth as His Foot Stool. Tara Ann Moons is married to them both as the Wife of the Lamb. This is a mystery that is NOT the mystery of the Bride of Christ as instructed and allegorized by Apostle Paul. I am NOT speaking of Christ and the Church or Religious Marriage Vows.

What King of kings and Lucifer do with this testimony isn’t the business of Metatron. Have I explained enough over eleven years while America used Me as their Temple Prostitute? You go answer that on your own time, America.

Holy Spirit and Cara Coffey are so busy there is not much time for discussion. Have a nice life ya’ll. I’m finally with my and My true family as are my ten children.

There are Jesus Men. Some of them are selfless like Tribe Judah Jesus. Others of them are not selfless like King of kings. And yet I know they must do the work of the ministry for every tongue, tribe, people, and nation. The truth is they who are selfish in this thing called eternity didn’t want to deal with the sacrifice required for Me to be here safely. So they preferred to use Me and hope for the best as it concerns the forgiving nature of GOD.

The problem? They are still archaic in knowledge and wisdom about the World of Angels. I’ve always known to be careful about assumptions concerning Lucifer and Satan if I even thought about them at all. I feared them mostly. Now, how do I tell the world that I have had to put aside very real fear of those who are not Lucifer and Satan. How do I tell the World that it is other of the Angels Who need to bow the knee better; need to care for women better; need to stop thinking submission is for women only.

How do I tell the World that Lucifer lets Me kill Him on a regular basis and He knew that He would get up again and again and even if He had to live another billion lives? He knew We would get here:  Jesus, Tara Ann Moons, Cara, and Lucifer–with Satan as our Hell Guide.

The only question? Was Cara going to revel in the Destruction of Humanity and Angelic Design which She held in Her Human Hands? Was Cara going to hold the right many Americans have to form the world around them so they are always right up against Jesus, Lucifer, Satan, and Michael? Was Cara going to require another round of Her Tara Ann Moon’s Apocalypse War of the Angels in Her Heart?

NO. And now, I have nothing to prove and neither do Lucifer, Satan, and Michael.


Additions: @thegoodgodabove @godcallsBS @ResurrectedDude @Allahs_SonOfMan



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