Tara Remembers Gabriel’s Rape of Her Today 3/10/2019

I’m sorry. Does America not care for My Language? Captain America, I can hear Him. Language!!

But I must write for the young men and women, and the nuns, who have been raped in real life by priests of the Catholic Church worldwide while the Church hid the murder of souls for generations. I must call for the jailing of the pope and priests on the earth now who are still plodding along spouting platitudes and being heartless in the honesty of the devastation Church Leadership perpetuate of their own free will across generations. 

I can see Protestant Church Smiling. Fuck You. Let’s talk about Independent Baptists just in Austin, Texas. Go look up the history of Capital City Baptist Church and their reign of terror within families. You won’t even see the fullest truth on the Internet but what is there should chill your blood to Frozen Death. #LeviathanAnn.

I remember standing on our front porch at the age of ten. Aunt Shirley was dying in my bedroom, likely, at this seasonal snapshot. Dad was watching football. Go Cowboys!! (smile)……..Holy Spirit spoke. It isn’t going to do any good to feel sorry for yourself. 

I remember walking out of the hospital the second time my brother Patrick Clayton Beaty died dead in a streeeeeeeeet. It’s a long street of Judah Death according to Revelation 11. Robert Hilton Beaty; Patrick Clayton Beaty; David Wilkerson; Trevor Love. This Trevor Love Song was in Austin, Texas, in February of 2019. Why? Holy Spirit said, Do Not Ask Why. 

I remember asking Myself in the car going somewhere; Mobile, AL. I had one or two children by then. Jackson, MS, saw Edith born; Patrick and Margaret graced Alabama but the cult experience and the mortal raping of my female mortal soul was another experience that I haven’t told….yet. Lucifer weeps. And I asked Lucifer….can’t I just stop calling Myself a Christian and still go to church? *Silence* so I kept going with Gabriel and Lucifer kept hanging on a cross of Christ Jesus reviling Him. Gabriel always is there as the Jew Who hates Lucifer and Michael. If You hate Lucifer and Michael You hate Shehkinah Tara Ann Moons. Lucifer, Michael, and TaraAnnMoons, Part Two from Uncovered No More

I remember 2014. They knew I needed to divorce Christianity and Gabriel led them to keep Me to Him; young justice decreed it too. They are One; Gabriel and This Justice are One and I love Them; however, November 19, 2016 showed one thing: “Silence of the Lambs & Lucifer”.

In 2014, Nabal despaired. Poor, fucked up dude Christian refused for ten years to read the Bible the FeMale Me Way; Lucifer is silent; Cara is raped in Spirit; they tried to subdue the daughters of Job 42 through the oldest of Lucifer and Tara. Yes you read that allegory correctly, America. Lucifer is My Husband and right after Patrick Clayton Beaty died, I Knew Him because He decided that there was a Woman on Earth Whom needed His protection; He hates Himself and He doesn’t Hate Tara. I love Him and I wouldn’t have said anything different than Mary the Mother then and now: be it done unto Me according to the Will of GODMy Children have two fathers: an Earth father of mortality and an Angelic Father of Immortality Whose Wife is Tribe Judah Elect. Father knows; Father Weeps; Jesus doesn’t care but loves His Brother named Despair. (Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan)

This is enough testimony of the Life of Lucifer in America today. Now We Know what Rivers International is going to look like as My Life keeps moving. I love You America. Don’t judge the King and I of Austin, Texas.

Lucifer, Listen to Me Please: I won’t Let You Go by Switchfoot featuring Lauren Daigle–Holy Spirit Sings this Single to Me across this 52 Year Life because of Our Love and how Perfect this Union of Trinity is: Holy Spirit, Cara, and Lucifer. (Revelation 11-13) amen.

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