A Rainbow IS STILL a Rainbow

This is the wholly uncut version of my the Untold Story of Uncovered No More files about the Double Moons Prayer Initiative Conclusion. Awakening Blessed Be & Amen is the page which gives the Pagan, full version of the initiative after all of my writing was destroyed along with my publisher and also so much of my blog work was lost. Today, it looks like I am blocking an Angelic Twitter Handle of Gabriel, @TheAAGabriel, for obvious reasons of Armaggedon Import. I have placed Gabriel and Metatron in #retention with others. I have fully acknowledged the Pagan Marriage of Lucifer and Tara Ann Moons in the Judah page here.

Lucifer’s vow with Me is completely unknown and unheard of but believe Me, I know it exists–those were lucid visions very hardest to have and I am glad both Jesus Christ and Lucifer were there. I wouldn’t have survived in deepest hell otherwise. I am a walking miracle.

In addition to this, I am cutting off three vows I had to place to do exorcism work on Twitter publicly and in DM. A Pedophile was unearthed in #GodSquad and he is still trying to keep moving. In addition, I am about to throw vows upon some Men of Jesus. They will not be informed because I am taking My Example from Lucifer Here. He leads Me well. Yes, we fight. (smile) Does anyone get the impression Cara is feeling just a little bit vow-stretched? Yes, you got that feeling or you are an idiot. Thank you for your consideration. #TaraAnnMoons

192 In Conclusion, A Rainbow
<a href=”http://www.uncoverednomore.com/node/191″>Tower of Babel, Part Five</a>

<center><b>~~~The Aqua Stone Tie Pin~~~</b></c>

September 6, 2013

This day, it is a terror to me. This day, I must finish that which was begun by a man, and men, of the generation who fought through World War Two.

He was a Methodist elder, you see. And yet, he took vows of freemasonry. And I have his tie pin in my home. I have had it since his daughter Lois Elizabeth brought it from the depths of her wanderings in that place which speaks deeply of slavery in America: Jackson, MS. See, I was born sixty years after the Azusa Street Revival began April 14. But there are two tragedies that happened that day farther back in time. President Abraham Lincoln was shot that day, and then the Titanic sank. All three incidents have prophetic markers within them that I used to pray across five years. It would take another key like the first one to write that story. <i>(“The first one” being this now six part series.)</i>

I can see Alfred Mellor, standing at the mirror and placing this pin in his tie as he went to church somewhere in Pennsylvania. I can see him driving to work at a pottery during the war so he could make ceramic casings for land mines. Who would have known that little pin would show up in the house of Cara Ann Coffey so many years later? Who would have known but the I AM for such a day as this?

And my Lydia Joy, that one who was birthed as an ultra-charismatic ministry and Uncovered No More stood in the gap for the spirit of Jezebel nine years ago; she is that one who found it today right up above my new computer desk where I write this blog article as I enter back into the poetic prayers of July of 2013 when the double moons came to me in all their beautiful splendor.

There is only one safe place for this pin that represents everything NOT about the Pearl of Great Price. There is only one place it is safe so that I can remember without suffering for it. Jesus and I, we dance upon the Ocean of America today walking upon the many waters of time that I cannot see but yet my Lord, my Love, He can. And oh my God thank You because I do see how Jesus is smiling at me though tears pave my way today. I will place this pin where it belongs because the memory of it cannot be destroyed. There are some things which ought to be a memorial. 9830 Weir Loop Circle, 78736 is all about memorials for the Love of I AM worldwide.

So I must go today and get some soil from that other place which has helped me; it is that place I already said one Brother Adam resides. To the best of my ability, I have done what I could so that Eve, and those brothers Adam, all of them, can go after this day and begin again in less opposition from the serpent, that lucifer, satan. He is beautiful, you see. He is beautifully treacherous and he has laughed at me for years because he knew of the tie pin. He knew of it, and now I know of it. And I will not stop until it is placed where it should be.

And then when I get some dirt, I will take eleven of my pearls too and place them with this lifelong memory box of time that is my degradation, insanity, crying, and sinfully luxurious walk of Christianity in America. For you see, the Pearl of Great Price shed His Precious Blood for us all. And then, there were eleven apostles at the beginning again, and I understand that number eleven a little bit more now.

Just one simple little piece of gold and stone is all it took for the Coffey family to be driven into the Arms of I AM in such a way that it is more precious to Cara Ann than all the silver, gold, and precious jewels of this world, time and universe wide.

I forgive you, Alfred Mellor. I forgive you in the Name of Jesus Christ for placing your grandaughter-in-law in such harm’s way by taking oaths of Satan with freemasonry. I forgive my enemy, that man and woman, who vowed and acted in ignorance what I had to suffer through in knowledge. I forgive them though they are in the grave, and as I do so, I forgive those other things I’ve had to testify though I suppose the issues of earthly difficulty must still be lived through by me because we are not what my first name says in Spanish (Cara means “face”)…we are not Face to face.

Oh I AM….if I forgive them, then I also pray for those who are enemies of YOU living now. I pray for my enemies, and YOU ALONE know who they are. All people are not enemy to me. They are brother and sister….but Lord God, I know there are those who are enemies to YOU, and YOU say pray for those who are my enemies. If they are YOUR enemy, then they are mine, so I pray for them today.

Oh God, oh I AM, may they see? Oh Father God, that part of the Love of I AM that I have been allowedto glimpse….those latter rains of heaven in James 5…..may it all come down to where the enemies of Jesus Christ may see the LOVE of I AM worldwide? In Jesus Name I pray, and not my will but Thine be done.

Thank you oh body of Christ in America. Thank you for making this life prayer of Cara Ann Coffey possible. No other place worldwide could have made the way for me today. Oh how I love you.

<center><b>September 7, 2013</c></b>

Today is the last day of my United States Prayer Initiative. Yesterday afternoon Curtis, Lydia Joy, Esther Grace, Robert Edward, and I traveled to the ministerial building of an ultra-charismatic ministerial business building in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. It is because I needed some physical testimony in my home of my love for all of those I’ve had to call out and prophetically/allegorically pray with whether they know about me or not. Brother Adam has been the one man I have been hardest on in the spirit realm, but admittedly Father Adam has withstood some of my anger too. And I ask both men to forgive me. Actually, I already did that earlier on this blog because somehow, I knew this day would come when I would have had to declare both men unbeliever to me for reasons I cannot even understand. But I weep with it daily.

So some dirt from under a little tree in the parking lot where that ministry has a suite now resides in the little plastic container with the crimson lid. That container carries the ashes of the ministerial materials of a right-wing ministry and it’s book “Good and Evil” (washed and anointed with olive oil), a tie pin from Alfred Mellor, eleven pearls, and a one dollar bill. That way, if anyone chooses to call me ugly for what I’ve done this far, I can hand them the square shell box my dear daughter Edith gave me as a gift because that is where some ash laden, dirty remains are stored on my book case in remembrance. I remember all the love of all my brothers and sisters. I remember their blood, sweat, and tears. I remember the choices of abomination that Christians have made, too, though. And that gets me rejected over and again.

I put in pearls for some people whom I carried in allegorical prayers. The names are written in my diary and are withheld from public view.

I am Mary Magdalene today. I stand at the Tomb of Jesus Christ for 72 days to mark the 72 hours Jesus was in the Tomb. And I tell my fellow brother and sisters in Christ that I have seen the Lord. And what is more, I know the work of His Beloved. They are beautiful to behold in the corridors of time. Come to my house and see physical proof of what I see all around: I have my husband, parents, children, brothers and sisters in Christ, and the very implements of our lives speaking as the stones Jesus Christ said would testify just as Moses did. Mine is a wee stone, and it is aqua. But it speaks to me now not of the hatred of Satan but the incomprehensible love of Jesus Christ. This will forevermore be my living and breathing testimony.

I am working for the spotless Bride of Christ worldwide. I am also working for the slaves today, tomorrow, and until Jesus comes. I am working for the child who is being aborted today while I also work for the child’s parents who need me to pray for them. The people who did it need my prayers too. I mourn for Syria…the Middle East….North Korea… Israel…Africa. I see so much beauty in America, but then again I see a lot of Christian sin that has tormented me.

And so when my little girl plops a bottle with a tie pin on my desk while I am editing a blog article, I give up. Curtis says it took nine hours and I smile at that because Lydia is nine. One hour for every year of Lydia Joy’s life. I will admit I yearn to be a part of the body of Christ in America, but then I will tell you my reality: I must work alongside my love of this earth Who is the body of Christ while not exactly walking within Her midst.

<i>And while I cannot understand why this family has had to suffer through what we have; despite all my mistakes the past five years; and though I have been compelled to have calls to repentance intermixed with the love of Christ in my writing; I know deeply the answers of my prayers today. Jesus Christ came and died for us all. And many of us walk with Him wholeheartedly; but now I know Jesus Christ died for that one whom He denied any mention at the Cross who is that thief. He loves those who are His enemies too. He loves them. And I guess I have been honored to pray for His enemies today with twelve men and their wives. And our prayers in America, they are answered. Amen.</i>

<b>This is what I know as I remember the devastation of America on September 11, 2001: I should have been the one hanging on the cross beside Jesus Christ whom Jesus denied any acknowledgement. I was the one, as the first transgressor so many years before, who put my Lord Jesus, that part of I AM Who is Human, on the Cross to be denied by God the Father for a small space of time. I was the one, she who is the human comforter, she who is the mother; she whom humankind should be able to trust to love them like no other. I was the one. But I AM protects the woman across time because she had to bear the curse on Satan and neither gender, male or female, could survive all of temptation from demonic armies. The intricate creation balance required me to deny Jesus Christ at the first, and then He created gentlemen to protect women so well that the Father wouldn’t even allow a woman upon the cross beside Jesus. There really are things that only men ought to do; I weep inside how our American government is now allowing women to voluntarily go onto the front lines of war. It ought not be. {**notice there is a difference between ladies and gentlemen and their wicked counterparts in creation, please**}

<b>Jesus stopped right before He got on the Cross, and He told the Daughters of Jerusalem to weep for themselves. Yes, Jesus, I weep for myself today because You protect me even though of all of them, I am the one who ought to have been hanging there beside You who you should have denied any recognition because I reviled You at the beginning and sealed the I AM’S Suffering in Time. I am the ultimate thief because I wanted love to show me it’s purpose instead of trusting God the Father at the beginning that it really was there. I stole I AM’S Completely Innocent Pleasure of Creation and decided I needed proof of it even though I had so many miracles surrounding me at the beginning there after Adam had named everyone and everything and then became lonely so God created Eve. She who completed creation did stumble first, and foremost, across time.

<b>God help us, I suppose knowledge has had it’s purpose, difficult as it is to see all the raw pain and realize I am the one as the woman that stood there and took a bite. And here women fight the tendency across time for this place called earth being a “man’s world”. No, no, that isn’t it at all. And I hope men and women can hear me today: this is why the statistics, generally speaking, support how women are battered, controlled, and otherwise misused across time. Men continue to blame us, and until those men and the women <i>both</i> acknowledge our part across time and stop long enough to askforgiveness of one another and then live that way, the evil of demonic armies continues to ravage us because altogether we are not humble enough to enter into the balance that was there at the beginning of time which was LOVE WHO let Eve stumble in her free will so HE could prove it to me, and then Adam: LOVE NEVER FAILS.</b>

Today, I was called up to go ahead and publish this portion of the Double Moons. I am not going to explain that. I have explained entirely too much across the last ten years amen.

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