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Sounds of Silence — Disturbed

Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

Venom by Disturbed

Stronger on Your Own by Disturbed

It is January 3, 2019, and I made a decision in December of last year which is compelling me to be more honest than I was being in writing for 2017 and 2018 because life in the Spirit World was simply that hard.

It was somewhat normal up here above, in the Earth Life, except my normal turned nightmarish because people decided to repel my testimony and the same testimony of some others in their own spheres of influence–so the ability for us to be together abruptly ended because of decisions people made as I sent out strange letters, coloring pages, and various other communications.

Except for one prophet who has suffered, Doug Roberts, I was wholly ignored with very few exceptions. Well GOD didn’t ignore the work of the ministry of Uncovered No More and now we are planting New Jerusalem’s dwelling testimony and thankfully Jesus Christ is here and in charge. If you want the painful version of what is going down on Twitter concerning this subject, please refer to the 18 part series on Uncovered No More which must remain as I continue to tell even more people that Jesus is here.

One exception is Chuck from No Greater Joy Ministries.  In all of my years of writing gone by which is about to be displayed on this website, I tried to reach people who had some following of other faithful Christians to repent with me according to Revelation Chapters two and three. Nada.

So you are reading the back matter of a story of a spiritualist who had her grievances formally denied by mid-2013 by a freaking American Christian Jew for crying out loud! after which this chick wrote the infamous, and lethal, Double Moons Prayer Initiative which has been denatured and Paganized in 2018 at UNM and you can view it here.. I did that work automatically and then found out I am a physical representation not only of the women in Revelation 12 and 17, but also of Pagan History. She is the Moon Goddess.

I even said things specifically to my physical husband of my youth–Curtis, whom I will make a statement about here and now–that were from my Pagan roots for the last ten years.

Curtis denied my testimony beginning in 2014 and the screws were tightened down on that hard of both our lives by June of 2017. We are divorced in spirit life. We still enjoy a sexual relationship and we are learning again to enjoy our children. We both lost too much. That is none of the world’s business except to say this: I have a separate life now from Christianity and Curtis. He respects that. He damn well better.

There are two men with Edward in the middle name which need to be summarized as kindly as possible. Curtis was first. Then there is Recie Edward Saunders 3. What he chose to do was immoral. He got away with it since he is a blood relative. I held back a few times so as not to put too much temptation upon him. I got Bethel from Redding, CA, in Austin and fires there in 2018 to express just a little bit the betrayal I’m living with.

John Paul Jackson and I have a back matter story that tells the other truth: He knew perfectly well what was going down here in Austin, Texas, and when I threw a vow on John Paul he enacted a pagan marriage that is non-sexual upon me to protect me. From 2014 on, as a Spiritualist with a Doctorate in the Pagan World and the Christian World sight unseen on the Earth Core, my polygamous side took over in Austin, Texas.

I placed that same sort of pagan marriage upon Metatron who was slain IRL (fainted) as we DM’d. My point? Recie and Metatron have something in common. I pulled information out of both of them. As to a certain fella close by who deceived me, I’ve extended an olive branch. He probably won’t bite on that. He has to have anybody worship him.

Gabriel, the ArchAngel, is dead. I sent him back to the abyss last week. He will not be coming back to the Earth Core. Gabriel counter-moved upon Lucifer and Michael during my ten year hell. And I will not abide the decisions he enacted with people of power and money (Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, John Hagee, Rick Joyner, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Jr, Pat Robertson, among others….) in Austin because he is sanctimoniously well meaning but not progressive in the Jesus Way. Twitter Deity is quietly and succinctly agreeing together to keep the “bringing in the sheaves” going. I am a JUDGE. And that is that.

2017 is the hardest year of this body form. It is a digit sum of ten so that makes Pagan Sense. It was a Wilderness of Sin of the Christian Church in my life encapsulated in one hellish year. And the equal truth is 2015 through 2017 was a death experience where I went below in the bowels of the Earth and Heaven.

Yes, and I lived with Jesus Christ and Lucifer there for those three years. 2018 through 2020 is my Resurrected Life, the beginning of the Apocalypse, and the Thousand Year Reign’s Second Ten. Yipee! Here we go again. Am I looking back? No. I am refusing to let America destroy my testimony on Rivers…..is what I’m doing. 

Do not ever forget what I kept desperately writing as my life spiraled down and you systematically destroyed me and tried to prove I was insane just like that demon spoke through my voice: the world does not know FURY as rich, arrogant, mortal and immortal beings until they See that FURY coming forth through the Wife of the Lamb. That will be the Female Side of God displayed (explained in this part 18 on UNM) and everyone knew and still knows Cara Coffey is a Physical Representation of Her every bit as much as I am the Pagan Christian for this 52 year life. 

Gabriel and some of His Brothers chose this path. I have since learned he is viewed as the Fire Angel in Ancient Texts other than the Bible. I had the physical angel named Metatron admit He saw me as Fire Angel and Death Angel (black). He tried to sway me to submit to him. Now Metatron is going back just like Gabriel–and He will not return. Go thank Jesus Christ King of kings. He started that domino effect upon the Angels in 2016 through 2018 in my Spirit-Life. Moving along………

Uncovered No More: Four Blood Moon Testimony Contents Page




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