Dave Eichler is Not the Christ Part 4

Be Me, Be You, Let’s Try Harder, Part 3

He lives near here just like @JesusfnChristo. Guess Whom Cara is not exposing (laughing). The Savior of the World knows exactly what I am doing this morning and very literally told me I would do the right thing and now I am…..doing it.

@I_Am_The_Christ, @I_Am_God_Above, and another account I cannot remember mimicking the Holy Spirit told me in DM that Jesus Christ is not coming down to Earth. He stays up in the Throne Room. He told me that he is the Christ. He tried to use #TaraAnnMoons in DM on Twitter and got away with it for a short season. That is called spirit rape, America. Jesus Christ knows this happens to me. What Jesus Christ does with what happens to me in the Spirit is not my business. It is His.

I will not bore anybody with the details. An IRL Angel (not Dave) tried the same thing because, well, that one is named Metatron and is an ArchAngel brother on Twitter. His family of Angels are handling Him; I’m praying for His life; and He got angry at me because of the three main ArchAngels in the Bible: Lucifer, Gabriel, and Michael. I was told to block the Angel. I did it. Praying for Angelic Brothers, Page at Uncovered No More

Now on to the exposition of Dave Eichler who lives close to this place of ours in Austin, TX.

This morning on my @lucindaann account, I reached out again to Dave hoping that since I pulled him out of #retention that I could relent with how I have been a #JUDGE in this case. But then I just saw an @I_Am_The_Christ tweet: you have to take out the competition, literally. I do not know if he tweeted that before, or after, I sent him this DM:

Hello Dave: Are you willing to send me your mailing address? For years under the surface, I’ve sent Judah and associates coloring page copies. And I began a new book for Curtis and his children. I’m on the first page of Bible verses and am going to send that page to Eagles View’s Carolyn and Bobby Conner, Streams Ministries Diane, Aaron and Micah Jackson with @hav1luv John Thomas, and Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda of Chavda Ministries International.

I’ve worked with an Angel in DM after you and I worked in DM. I’m not going to uncover the Angel. What I am doing is appealing to human you as human me, the prophetess. Yes you are Tribe Judah (amend that no he isn’t: he is a deceiver and an anti-Christ according to 2 John as a mortal)………..(cutting some of this out).

As to Holy_Holy_Holy3; we could begin again. I am nothing at all like a disciple to any man or woman (Dave sent me a password and asked that I share the account with him and asked @twdtunes whose name is Timothy to do the same with some other accounts).

So you decide. You decide if you are going to choose to stay in the world of mortals or come with your Big Sister to the world above. And below.

I have had a man apologize for being competitive when my life was at its worst in 2017. So now we know something: when Jesus judges Angels, they will return to their state of no physical form later but they are refined as much as humans. I learned this through Metatron. Which one was hardest to conquer in #loveneverfails?

Neither. John Paul Jackson, Scott Evelyn, and Cara Coffey with Michael Shane Davis and Patrick Clayton Beaty have the scars in Spirit Life to Prove IT.


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