Be Me, Be You, Let’s Try Harder, Part 3

Vows Six Seals America Thee, Part Two

My review of Season One of “Lucifer” on Heaven 555.

Lucifer 3×05 Charlotte Helps Solve the Case

I told the world that I was going to withhold my interpretation of the rest of this Show. That is because I knew. Let me tell you a story. It’s a true story of me.

After a man turned on September 24, 2008 and told me I was going to write a book and it was going to be called Uncovered No More, I was driven insane by a demon, a real demon, entering my body and speaking through me. Dad saw the demon and exorcised it off that day. I knew. I knew no other man, or angel for all that matter, was going to deliver me from then on.

November of 2008, and I awoke. I still remember lying on my side in the bed and my eyes popped open. I can see; I can see; I can see; I can see……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

The next time I went to a movie, I was in the foyer waiting for a man to pay for the popcorn and I looked at the movies being featured. I don’t remember what we went to see. I was aware that I was aware that I was aware at that point. I was keeping my mouth shut as much as possible because…..because I didn’t want them to think I was really crazy because here is the deal: I could choose. I could step into the Spirit Realm and be Her and then I could step into the flesh realm and be her. But nobody was going to believe me. Nobody was going to believe me and I knew it.

I looked at the movies being featured and I saw my life story everywhere. I remember being scared because I was learning about how I have out of body experiences. Then there was that time when we went to Pedernales Falls and I evaporated into thin air. They could tell I was gone but my shell was there and I sat on the sand. It was because I sat near an underground spring welling up and I left. I left the body sitting upright and then came back and awoke. I joined the family. We decided I needed to be careful in water. Near water. Water, water, everywhere–why does Tara travel and they are still there?

How many more times is author Cara Coffey going to write your story and hers before you stop fighting with each other, America? That is all I have to pontificate upon tonight after watching Episode Five of Season Three of Lucifer. Have a nice night. I love you, Angels and Humans and gods and goddesses and GOD. I love YOU. amen.

PS: now do you see how I love you this time? Read my review, Loves. I told you I was not going to review the rest of the series because I already knew. I already knew that it would not be good for America if I reviewed the rest of that Series. And it wouldn’t be. I love You All and don’t you ever question that again forevermore.

What I want you to do is try harder, America. That is all I ever did. I tried harder and got here today still in LOVE with YOU. Try harder and do that which is done for you by GOD. I can’t figure it out but I’m going to say this: all of us, no matter our backgrounds, can at least stop hating upon the Creator. We can do that for one little day at a time and then we will stop hating ourselves, our neighbors, and our creation all around us and then I will tell you what will happen: WE will try even harder as the blindness is removed. There is the other option, and Etta James sings it well. I have done this. I’m doing it less. It’s because I love YOU.

Etta James — I’d Rather Go Blind

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