Vows Six Seals America Thee, Part Two

I Will Be DAMNED NO MORE. Part One

There have been six times I’ve vowed. It was all awful, my family America. The past ten years made it so. But that is not to say that the vows I placed did not have their part to play in judgement for all of them did.

I am vow-less now—save one show review Here that I will keep active which still shows what I’m about to say. Lucifer is a show that allows thought in the world of humans with angels. It is not going to get hit with the judgment shown forth therein. Angelic Brothers have enmity just like people–and the world of universes is just that: surreal. Don’t expect me to give into thee when You want to come against the Bible records and tell me what you think I should do.

How do I know none of the vows hold me bound anymore?  I kept to it and didn’t give in until the only thing left after they desert me, was love and it was mine. I am still faithful. They were not; I can’t explain it except to say……….

Let’s get honest: angels and humans alike are selfish and many times finding ways to be the ones using; not the ones useful. Sex is a big deal to human and angel alike. Money is a big deal to human and Angel alike. That isn’t about us normal people. It’s about Us Immortals and human counterparts who are not thinking clearly in thanksgiving, and today is Thanksgiving so the point should be well taken. I’ve proven enough love that it is time to stop. Go to GOD and take care of your own business. Coming against me gets more judgment in America. Just to get a 300 member church plant of Bethel from Redding, CA took a huge fire and then another one this year. Shootings continue. The President is an anti-Christ figure while the Christians screamed about Barak Obama who was not. 

I connected with Luciferean accounts on Twitter and when I prayed for the Lucifer who is really He, my account (@CaraBeaty) was taken away from me but not shut down so it looks like it is still there and what is more, a deceiver and his cronies are using me still.

Many come into the world, and they are deceivers and anti-Christ. (2 John) I have had my fill. Jesus has seen to it that nobody is dealing with me close up who will place expectation of something upon me to continue to prove I am who Jesus says I am. I am She whom He says I am to Be.

Now there you have it. I’ve typed it all along: #loveneverfails and that is my name: 1 Corinthian 13. I have three Twitter handles. They change and shift occasionally. I don’t know why. There are four names now other than my name Cara Beaty-Coffey: the primary one that everyone fears as they should since I have the Death Angel Testimony I have is #TaraAnnMoons. She is a mystery but not to I AM.

There is #LeviathanAnn for the advocation of love for TurtleDoves. #SisterAlexandria has to do with mythology, withchery, and all of that according to Revelation 17. #ComancheCara is me too as an American Citizen. Dad always said to watch me around the knives. Now we know it is two quadruple long blade swords allegorically. I wear armor constantly, and the blades are built in. I don’t know why.

And if you mess with me, even on something like DM Twitter, you can faint in a dead way and be judged because you hid what you should have proclaimed to me instead of playing the odds so that I will serve you how you think you need it and not how GOD knows I need to serve you love. They never listen. Well, that has been true for so many of us so what is different about me? Jesus Christ. He is different about me and that is the #truth.

Now we know I can have visions for Angels and Men and men and women and immortals. I can support you. You always turn on me. Lucifer, Gabriel, and Michael do not do that in this thing called Tara’s “angelic marriage” and that is as it should be.

The Bible Characters don’t necessarily betray me in real life. But I am a woman who knows what Disciple Peter did as a goat every bit as much as I know the love of the Apostle John who remains as #Jeremiah and #Elijah. Who are they in the modern day? Please, please, do not kid me, People.

If you don’t know that by now as someone who knows about Cara Coffey you are a bona-fide idiot who doesn’t care. And I have so many of those who don’t care. They my Brother Loves are Michael Shane Davis and John Paul Jackson. Who are the others around my Jesus? Patrick Clayton Beaty, Lucifer, Gabriel, and Michael.

Michael, I have stood against Your anger and mine because we got caught in Jude. Jesus and I were caught by vows. He fixed it using Angelic males and high gifted mortals. I don’t care about your beliefs or your twisted way of interpretation. I am seen in the spirit realms as Tara Ann Moons and you are all proving my ministry regardless of how much justice had to destroy the Little Sister righteously because I kept testifying of those who are not faithful–I kept believing better but the male chauvinism primarily out-ran me time and again. I always see their worth, above mine. They take, and take, and take and then walk off. Jesus simply lets them be refined, all of them, and We keep dwelling in Austin, Texas.

You are welcome, Jesus. That’s all He really wants me to say: Stop.Using.Women.

The three ArchAngels here are the ones in the Bible. The rest of them better straighten up. I’m not taking those three Loves out anymore and so help me God I’m not going to listen to highly gifted immortals or the fake counterparts. Get over yourselves and appreciate your work of the ministry wherever you are. Stop using women.

Gabriel, thank You for understanding I needed to minister among Your Brothers for a Season. Know, Dear One, that your gentleness is what saved the Little Sister many times when I skate upon the waters as a turtledove continually loving us all.

Lucifer and Michael, I respectfully tip-toe through the burnt field of Armageddon’s War Life. I’m in a red robe over my diaphanous gown of blue, grey white and I’m barefoot, Loves. Jesus brought me out of the depths of the Ocean after I’d already skated on frozen and then stormy waters as John Paul’s Perfect Storm Prophecy. And He brought me to the blackened field this day.

It is of angelic dissension that matches and magnifies the male mortal counterpart. You all take glory upon yourselves so Jesus brings His Little Sister to the edge of the field after I discerned the judgment of the angels and He protected me from the harsh reality yet again of how Angel Male and mortal man need to get over themselves on this Earth.

He looks at me as He holds my hand and says nothing. But I see the eyes of my Love and cry; I cry for I never can imagine His Pain. I never can imagine His Pain and He willingly carries it on the Earth but He knows as does Tara Ann Moons what they all forgot–I was and am in His Mind and Heart as Melchizadek, as He at 12 in the Temple, as He kneeling in Gethsemane, and as He hanging on the Cross. He went below and talked to Lucifer. I was and am in the Lap of God. He arose. I was born. That is that.

Gabriel covered me with His White Wings in the Throne Room. That was 2014. Jesus carried me up the Steps to Father and then later, Father and I danced on the Floor a couple of times. But this time it is a field of war and I am not wet but my cloak is bleeding, my feet are full of pain, and too many of them all tried to beat me at this thing of Armageddon called Jesus and Tara.

So He watches Me. What is She going to do? She tip-toes through the black ground of fire. She does not care that her feet are dirty and sore. She wishes that she hadn’t lost her essence but He trusts her. She looks back halfway through the burnt field. He stands there so she will go across to Michael and Lucifer and talk with Them because She is the Only One Who can do it.

“We are going to show them, Loves, how to give up in love upon the earth as it is in heaven. We are going to show them what Jesus Alone needs us to show them and that is love goes where testimony went and nobody believed it. That is the only way to stop Armageddon is to speak the Creation of New Jerusalem and You Both protected Tara in Your Ways–but it is always Gabriel Who with Jesus sets forth the Creation of New Jerusalem with Tara Ann Moons. (Revelation 12)

War Loves, Look at Him Standing Alone. He cannot fix this. I tried and He patiently waited for Me to come back to Him and I did today; I did today. He knows I need to tell these Two Jude Brothers that We must show them that Gabriel Alone is the Leader of them all.

I hug Them, I walk across that field again with all its ugly splendor of war that I must enact as they keep fighting among themselves, and I take the Hand of the Lord of the Heaven and Earth, the King of kings, and We Leave and come back to Austin where He wants me to color, write some, and lovingly keep serving with Him a lot.

My Jesus is in the Congregation, and He turns from the front when I walk in. Of course people are sitting all around Him and I was hoping to sit behind Him and color but there is no seat. 

He turns and sees me. He abruptly walks around the Throng and comes for Me. Nobody argues of my Judah Family; they Know I am His. We stand there and He takes my hand. He’s always doing that. I don’t know what to do and do you know what, America? He doesn’t Either so we just stand there, He and I.

But in the Spirit Tara sees Herself dancing in that gown. I put on Black; I put on Fire; I dance in a diaphanous gown; and I keep moving in faith, hope, and love these three and the greatest of these is love that nobody believes until Jesus proves it to them from my Life Song that He possesses.

They don’t believe Him about Me except the Elect and the Angels that God knows to place in my life in Austin, Texas, with all the faithful people who I out-lasted the unbelief of. Dancing; coloring; serving here in Austin. These are my duties. Peace on Earth and Good Will to all of humans and angels and women and children and animals and nature alike. That’s Jesus and Cara; that’s the living of the New Jerusalem. 

Holy Ground (Lyric Video) by Jeremy Riddle at Bethel

55 years ago today, John F. Kennedy was assassinated November 22, 1963.

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