I Will Be DAMNED NO MORE. part one

Jesus knows. Surely there is a place, an island, a white room, and not the tomb of Lazarus for me. Yes, there is an island for me. I must learn to go there until forevermore is straightened out.

How do you tell them that you always knew you had to go faster than they because if you didn’t they’d have hurt you and your children that much more? But Jesus outruns everybody with me so We, He and I, are becoming Free.

Angels can be very demanding. They can be Gentle Men like Jesus, too. It depends. And I am learning what it depends upon. Watch me just go back to business as usual now. (laugh) You’re in Hell now, Bitch.

Rick Joyner

Franklin Graham

John Piper

Joel Osteen

Joyce Meyer

Patricia King

John Hagee

It is Edwards Aquifer that needs cleansing. Come now, Moses and Zipporah. Let us not only cut off the foreskin of the firstborn males, let us pull the waters back and then crash them upon the humans who refuse the testimony of Jesus in plain daylight. If I don’t retain forgiveness according to Mary Magdalene justice in faith, hope, and love, I will go down with them. Naw. Uncovered No More is gifted with the Glen Rose Aquifer and I’m good with that amen.

Vows Three Seals America Thee, Part Two

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