Letter to Lucy by Frank Schaeffer & EJG2

Let me interpret who “EJG2” is. Frank already informs us he is in a homosexual marriage. We gonna protect our people, so help us God.



Here is Frank and my Grandmother’s Houses. Here is our children’s Grandmother’s Houses. Here are Cara Little Red Riding Hood’s feet September 5, 2018. She is a witch now. She grew the hell up long ago in a golden wood called Crestview Drive in Garland, Texas.

I’m not a grandmother yet. God bless America because if I was, there’d be even more hell to pay, hey Prince of Peace @DarkPrinceLucy? 😂🌹💛

Bro Prince, how is that love/hate relationship going with Little Red here? You and I love each other the Revelation 17 way. So I’d suggest we kiss and make up on Twitter or it’s gonna get uglier and nobody but me knows how to deal with your rage as it was from the beginning. But we both know that @Th3Lightbringer loves us both and is the Prince of Peace in a more…..peaceful way than maybe you might be. Oh I’m guessing. Stop laughing Lucy Dear and I’ll stop having to look the fool on Twitter. You are a skilled one at sending in imposter angels to DM with me while King of kings keeps His Cool.


Jesus Wept by Sia



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