Catholics & Protestants Love Burying Me Alive

Bury Me Alive by Breaking Benjamin on YouTube

How do I know the Catholic and Protestant Churches bury me alive? I keep writing, calling you into repentance and you just keep going that way. You assume Jesus Christ is going to fix it in the flesh realm for us and accept you into His Kingdom on earth while the prophetess in Austin, Texas, just keeps going. I got an angel somewhere or other in a deliverance right now. He is suffering so hard-set it is a mirror image of me. The only difference? The only difference is ya’ll don’t know him and don’t care about me.

And since I am a female, and prophetess, the God-Guyz who are angels in the flesh life give me a protection not afforded Jesus Christ–the very real human body form, Lucifer, Satan (being delivered of the curse that he helped with, by golly), Gabriel, and Michael. Then there are the glorified bodies like Patrick Clayton Beaty and John Paul Jackson.

Yeah, they’re around, humans who haven’t gone above yet have no idea where they are but everybody knows I know stuff, and yay GOD my testimony is sealed. I will tell you this: glorified bodies show me the deliverance of the curse happening in the second heaven at times in body forms. Last time I saw Mary the mother of Jesus, I got mad as heaven and earth because she looked tired. But what about my mother? My mother is suffering today and it is point blank related to what the Catholic Church is doing to children.

And fuck you if you are praying for Satan still, oh heavenly door ministries people who haven’t died yet. He don’t need your prayers. Shit, why aren’t you praying for me? Better yet, again I will point out, why are ya’ll in heavenly door ministries not helping Cara Coffey, the very real human being in Austin, Texas, who is in this thing called the New Jerusalem? I can write til all the cows on the earth are up above with God Father and you don’t do the right thing. Here; let me prove it to you:

CNN–Report details sexual abuse by more than 300 priests in Pennsylvania’s Catholic Church

It is over one thousand children across 70 years that we are talking about this time. What about The Christian Post–Voice of the Martyr’s Tom White’s Suicide Confirmed; Molestation Case Closed. That was August of 2012, my first book was already published with Tom White and his wife in there alongside the Wurmbrands, and then bingo he decided it is better for Christianity and Voice of the Martyrs to commit suicide instead of face charges about the child he molested. There were likely more, people, come on!

I said at the time he should have faced his hell on earth and go to jail. He though to himself as he pulled the plug on his own life: I’m protecting Voice of the Martyrs. Surely persecuted Christians are more important than this little girl in America.

Fuck. The. Entire. World!!!!!!!!! 

I hope White is burning in hell with Hitler. I don’t hate him to say that. I love him, the 1,000 and more children whose heinous crimes are still not being faced in courts across the world since the Catholic Church is so expert at hiding and looking holy, and I’m going to simply post an article or two here from that writing ya’ll destroyed, GOD cried while You Did It all, and move on today in a better mood than I’ve been in for the entirety of August of 2018.

Lemme tell you something: my mood on all three of my websites has nothing to do with my IRL–though lots of my family need to get a grip and accept that fact while apologizing to me, and I’m fighting in my private life to simply bring my mother home to die in peace.

Lemme me tell you something: I will continue to be overworked to make this decision. Let me tell you something: lots of people around me need to shut up and just come help me physically so I can quit being overworked. Let me tell you something: I will praise God, take care of my mother, and be overworked knowing that is better than committing suicide like Tom White or hiding stuff like the Catholic Church–if I’m in love with myself in Austin, Texas, regardless of how overworked as a prophetess and human being I actually, truthfully, am in 2018.

Let me tell you something: all heavenly door ministries save mine here in Austin, Texas, have my sweat and tears and spirit-blood drenching you. All Protestant and Catholic Churches do too. I’m not confining this to America anymore. You went too far, all of you. What exactly, oh Pope whatever your name is, is a sin of omission? Because the world of Christianity is guilty of the sin of omission where Jesus Christ, Uncovered No More–me alone, and God the Father and God the Holy Spirit are concerned. Understatement.

You got that right. Christians everywhere just bury Cara alive. Jesus will resurrect her in His Time and Place and otherwise, she needs to pull out of her prophetess and in real life shit her way. We are too busy for her.

Yeah, you say that every single day to the Hagar, the Zipporah, the Mary Mother of Jesus, and Martha of the OT and NT, people. Then there is Judge Deborah and Queen Esther. Oh I forgot, I’m also that Mom of 2 John and Revelation 12. Kitty meow here is not kitty meow anymore. I’m a Cat of Judah like all these women are of all 12 Tribes of Elect and so help me God in real life people are going to own it some day but that isn’t today. amen.


The Catholic Church and Satan’s Freedom

June 9, 2013

This week, I found out about a tragic murder tale that happened in the 1960’s. It is possible that a young woman who went to a confession in the Catholic Church was dumped in the bottom of a river by the priest she had presumably gone to for confession. This was after she was raped and suffocated. I do not know if this ex-priest is guilty, but I do know that the Catholic Church has been very good at moving priests away from sexual sin situations regarding children, and now I see the possibility that this pattern was repeated in a murder.

When you hear about child molestation/sexual assault or rape/murder of women once, you generally need to accept the reality: it has happened so many more times and been hidden. And this is by the leadership of the Catholic Church.

What I would like to know is this: how can we be so unattached to the horrors of societal atrocities like  when the Catholic Church has been hiding their leadership from the cleansing that repentance could and should bring over hundreds, and worldwide thousands, of years?

You do not get social cleansing if the body of Christ does not obey the basic building blocks of cleansing themselves within their own borders. Satan in no way has to back down when the Church is not taking the Bible and their walk before God seriously enough to know the basics of Christian living to the point that Catholic leadership can justify sexual molestation of children and rape/murder of women. Let me be clear: If the Catholic Church has moved men away from the scene of the crime, then they are justifying, and therefore condoning, molestation/sexual assault of children and rape/murder of women worldwide.

I would challenge any priest, bishop, pope, pastor, elder, or other leader of any Christian Church anywhere to show me where God justifies these sorts of acts or hides the people who do them. Hidden actions are not a trait of Christianity. They are the essence of darkness and the fruit of Satan.

But Cara, mind your own business. You are a Protestant. And see, this is the other thing I have a very hard time understanding when Catholics and Protestants in leadership are behaving as they are: Protestants are releasing teaching that the Catholics are some beast in Revelation at the same time that Catholics are still very firmly declaring that they are “The Church” and Protestants aren’t.

Well, they may not say that but they certainly think it. I know because I have a Catholic bookstore down the street and I tried to connect meaningfully with the owner but I’m a Protestant. I need to convert before I can be taken seriously. And I could be a good Catholic. I have borne ten children to prove it. It doesn’t matter which church in America I walk in to because the message would be exactly the same anywhere.

Ah, this is so glaringly simple for Satan. Until the Christian world, whether we be the Catholic side or the Protestant side, start repenting together as both leadership and grassroots people, then please stop being horrified and pointing your sanctimonious fingers, oh Catholic and Protestant Christian Nation at everyone else in the world because they have horrendous stories of women stowed away for a sick man’s sexual pleasure for ten years, children and teachers being killed in schools, or any other atrocity.

And there are so many atrocities the world over that I weep constantly on the inside as a Christian who realizes we can stop a lot of this horrific difficulty by simply putting down our differences, stepping into the Light of Jesus Christ regardless of what it may do to our “precious reputation” and go to jail if we have sinned in such a way that we should indeed just go to jail.

What a concept. Countless “Christians” giving themselves up for proper punishment out of the fear of God because they have done horrendous things to other people while maintaining their silence and staying in the shrouds of darkness so easily provided by Satan’s power in fear, pride, and church leadership’s power and politics.

Our Father, Who is in Heaven, hallowed be Your Name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And do not lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil. For Yours in the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever.

For the Mary and Martha of this world, and for her children

Author note: first of all, this old article is writing gearing up for the “Double Moons Prayer Initiative” which was being written at the exact same time and is reappearing like a ghost of your American Christian past at Uncovered No More’s newly developed page Awakening Amen.

Second of all, let me tell you who Satan is in this piece because it isn’t the gentle man on Twitter whose accounts I follow. We keep a distance from one another after what we’ve been through together, but still, we are getting to know one another. I hope I get to meet him some day, truly.

Bye Bye everyone who ain’t elect (Rev 14) or remnant (go look them up in the NT). Goat ain’t either one so you gone, you gone, from my life at Uncovered No More. Go back to the drawing board ya’ll. You rejected a woman whom you knew was seeing body forms of Jesus Christ and others. You concocted a whole story that stinks, Synagogue of Satan Humans in my life. I suggest a couple of things: a) read the NIV. And b) shut the fuck up on Twitter and all other social media and get on your knees in very real repentance with both the Catholic and Protestant Churches worldwide.

If you are using excuses to stay out of all churches (keep to the religious leanings of Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, etc), then that’s your loss or your gain. There are a lot of studies which show that it is healthier to be a part of organized religion. Just make sure that you love God the Father first before any other gods.

Make sure you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. But you don’t have to do that. Believe in fate. *snarky howl of laughter*. That’ll get you somewhere, but it won’t get you somewhere close to Jesus Christ in body form or me. He does a good job in Austin with angels keeping this baby girl safe. Otherwise, for what I’ve been through the past ten years, I would imagine he cries but I don’t know that. It’s ok if he hasn’t. I have no intention of being a normal Christian anymore. You people suck at understanding angels and Jesus.

I even have some people who will comfort me like I need to be comforted occasionally, but most of the time I get people persecuting me in small or large ways because they want what I have: the New Jerusalem.

Anyway, one dear, older lady at Whole Foods used baby girl once: it’s gonna be fine baby girl……I looked at her in a Tara Ann Moons daze as I checked out that time, fighting the persecution other people were in knowledge putting me through, smiled a little smile for King of kings, and kept moving. amen.

You made your choices. Now live with your public shame for a while until King of kings tells me point blank one way or another what to do with the articles in this dad-gum article. I am sick of this type writing. I should be. I shshshshsouououllllllddddd be.

Retention of Forgiveness at Uncovered No More and for crying out loud do the right thing instead of trying to strong arm me to hit delete AGAIN you freaking naughty people!!!!!





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