Beelzebub, Baby

He’s a Dragon Slayer

My Horses are saving me in 2018. Thank You I AM.

Beelzebub, come to Mama. I see you. I see your temple prophetesses. I see your home that you took with no permission. And I see power of God Seed within the realms that you know not of; you know not of.

Seed was waiting but waits no more. Seed cries yet I hear laughter coming forth from the trees. I call the trees. I call the animals, and yes, I call the very rocks under my Austin, Texas feet to worship the LORD in the land of the living and speak firmly ANATHEMA with Apostle Paul and I. For is it not so; is it not so. What do they do with the dry tree? They cut it to the ground and burn it. And yes, yeah though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we have decided again and again not to fear evil but to wait on the LORD in the land of the living while we must be continually resurrected in the land of the dead for the sake of love that never grows cold. Love, that never dies. Love, that decides sometimes to stop serving what has relinquished all right to be served. In Cara Ann’s case, that is the Church from 1933 to this present day until……..until……..until there is no more ANAthemA to scream. 

Faithfulness again; my love elect. This is what the LORD is calling us up to do. Repel the wicked. Take them down in spirit and smile in flesh. If you aren’t elect, your arrows of wickedness and shouts of plea for victory are turning on deaf ears now because, well, they never knew what I declare now: I righteously hate Beelzebub and always have. Tara has spoken and now Cara will act. Faithfulness. Return to the land of death but be living. Lazarus is with me and Beelzebub ceases to be. Amen.

Isaiah 33:22 

For the Lord is our judge,
    the Lord is our lawgiver,
the Lord is our king;
    it is he who will save us.

Trees in Psalms & Isaiah 61

The Holy Spirit has spoken and the Holy Spirit has come. It is in Jesus Name and all glory to God amen. And oh woman, whom did you serve? What have I seen? She serves with him. When you cast out demons in the name of Beelzebub, you aren’t doing it in the Name of Jesus. DUH.

And now I speak: according to Second John, may the anathema of anti-Christ I withstand across time with headship of elect as a prophetess be turned back upon them who serve Beelzebub, for I hate him righteously as does the I AM and elect. We may go to the slaughter, yes we do, but that doesn’t mean our core doesn’t know the truth.

Beelzebub may be a sort of head, but let me simply say: he has a helper and she is now within the realms of absolute dismay because her power is null and void world and time-wide today in Jesus Name, amen.


Letting Go of Christianity; Knowing I’m Not Let Go

Beelzebub defined by Jesus Christ:

Matthew 10:25; 12:24; 12:27

Mark 3:22

Luke 11:15; 19




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