He’s a Dragon Slayer

And I’m just a gal named Tara in the spirit realms. Dragons must slay dragons is what this mother of 2 John has learned today. Let me see if I can do what I’ve done before and drop my physical form for a few minutes, rise above the earth, and write in the Beautiful, Dove’s Wind.

When I was 46 in 2012, I took Jesus and introduced him to so many of my people who turned and betrayed me; they betrayed Him. It was all spirit-life work. This lady above is Cara in 2012; the dragon is Jesus Christ after He went up to prepare mansions through until 2012 came to be. After that, my treachery was sealed and the world doesn’t know about Him. So I think the World has some work to do. Me? I’m just loving a pink dragon. 💛


How does a little girl of the earth’s quiet relevance explain the frustration of her age? They left her desolate and she knew it the whole time but kept serving; kept Christian believing; kept thinking that we would do this together and now they are gone and we didn’t; they chose it. They knew the whole time; and, they don’t care about us. They Don’t Care About Us by Michael Jackson on YouTube.

How does a little girl turn again and again in one place; declare the new beginning and actually live it hopefully; and they did it their own way deceiving her in their actions and in their hearts–thereby using her power in God for their own gain. She is left alone, aching, and looking at the clouds. Oh Jesus, I see You.

How do you tell them that everyone stared for years; it built and grew. The Cloud comes; the Cloud goes; the Cloud remains and they leave. Then the ache leaves. I see Him again in that oak tree out my window. 

How does she tell them that she leaned upon them and thanked them as much as possible but it was not they whom she was delivering 144 from; they were the mirror image of Synagogue of Satan and it isn’t flesh and blood we war until it is; until they turned cold blooded in their wickedness; until they never do the life of Christ but only say they do out of laziness, complaining, or Bible thumping legalistic religion.  

Now she must needs cut them all out of her inner core; they are not her people; and only He can bring them back what she took to them in 2012. They can only be brought back His way because if she even looks at it from old way eyes that were destroyed, they scream at her, disobey, correct her, continue to tell her she is wrong. They are guilty and don’t want to admit it. How do you tell them you thought better to the very last and then all of a sudden they are gone away; away; and they don’t care about her.

She must shut them out of her life to reach her own life after ten long years of betrayal.  She must tell her testimony who consciously destroyed her that she is no longer a Christian–they are the powers and principalities and Dad didn’t know it; neither did she. Now here it is; this is her greatest freedom, to live in rest, free from all restraint. She is she. And they need to leave who did this to her and they need to live the life they decided upon her power in God. Do you know what, oh persons of my destruction? I haven’t changed. That is the truth.

They hate her and she knew it and loved them anyway. Love never fails. Humans do. I didn’t  fail as a human but I always do feel I did. I see the chores. I see Cara in the chores. I see Cara in giving. I see Cara in weeping. I see Cara choosing again: rest from my labors and do what I need to do but stop serving them because all they do is kill her every day. They hate her still and prove it constantly. But I didn’t do this and neither did He. That is what matters; what matters to me.


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