About Human Immortal Sexuality

All Beaty family, as Tribe Judah, are like this. When a human marries us, things get complicated. I know this from my dad’s siblings marriages mostly and then I also know some things from my previous life that popped out ten children. Go ahead and judge me. I’ll know it. Then, I will make heavenly sure to touch you, hug you or shake your hand even, if you decide to dishonor my presence with your not-so-humble human form but I’m speaking within the bounds of church properties entirely when I say this nationwide.

Christians should have known better. They didn’t. Ok. Ok. Ok. As I said, I Forgive it, Yes. But if there is one thing I learned in a 52 year life, it is this: Christians are professionals at pushing you to forgive it so they can fuck with Jesus the Savior as they in idolatry  read the bible. They read about themselves. To them. They are gods there–and that is covered in the Bible. Go read about your idolatry toward God by simply searching for “god”. 

1. The Way, the Truth, and the Life is Jesus Christ. No human being, other than Himself obviously, can get to see the Father either here or in the world up there, unless you come through the Gate Jesus Christ, then pick up your cross and follow Jesus, and then make sure you live in Faith, Hope, and Love these three with the greatest of these is love while asking forgiveness one of another 1 John 1:9 style all the time. You are human. You screw up. Jesus is Human. Jesus doesn’t screw up. So he ain’t apologizing for nothing. DUH!

2. Humans who are becoming immortal–and I am becoming one of those like all my Davis-Beaty clan are already as Tribe Judah elect–are A-sexual. I know this because the modern day Jeremiah was diagnosed. Here, let me get a link telling us what that is: Urban Dictionary is bingo right on.

I’m a flexible A-sexual. I have had one partner (aka: Dr. RT Kendall’s definition of a dove vs. a pigeon has this information within the book Pigeon Religion, that we are one-mate people). We don’t even remarry if we can help it. But if we can’t help it, then we have hell to pay because humans not A-sexual think we are normal if we are me and popped out 10 kids like elect Judah is: Super Human whatever that get overworked on a regular basis. Sorry if you don’t like that. I just need Human Humanity to get happy with us A-sexual humans becoming glorified over and again on the earth.

3. This isn’t opinion. I do not care what you think. Angels fall down to earth. When they get here, they marry women–if they aren’t angelic guard of Jesus like Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer. I don’t know if that is the only three. I do know that to the extent the angelic conception of children has been washed up on the shores of time, it can get weaker as far as spirit DNA. In other words, some people and families I see have some spirit life DNA in their core that is fairly strong. Others have none, and they are obvious but I’m not going to explain that because then impostors will up their game and inform some human humans around me.

Or then there is the other reason I’m choosing to inform today: Edith had an accident yesterday. She is ok. But that is not the first one and I had an incident the last time there was a huge rainstorm here where two or three cars on purpose tried to get me to spin out. I had two trucks get behind and beside me and stay with me as I slowly drove home on 290. No matter what the insurance says about Edith’s accident yesterday, it isn’t her fault. I’ve got impostors around me. DUH. They do things to my kids to put pressure on me to do what I’m doing here: write something they can use against Jesus. But I am not in control, I have cleared my websites, and I’m moving on. So this may very well be the last time I do some super interpretive work on a blog. At least, this may be the last time in this season.

Which season is that in your life, Cara? Fuck you and that question. None of your business. But think about it. I’ve been developing glory bubbles in Austin. I see glorified bodies and I can tell you what you already know to be blameless: sometimes or many times, it is Jesus. (smile America, Jesus loves you but He doesn’t like you). How do I know Jesus doesn’t like you? Well, I just read it on Twitter before I decided to give out a little more information so I can quit having discussions like I just had in my house.

Okay to conclude about women: That angel falling down and becoming on the earth–is how women become immortal with them. And…that means the children can have an immortal seed within them. It is all so complicated there is no human who can go past this point. But I can tell you this. When I smile at human/human children, many times they can have negative reactions. Their angelic/human counterparts never do. 

And it’s like this: you will never get an angel to tell you if he is one if that is not what he is supposed to do. The 1/3 army are needing to get back to GOD. The 2/3 never left GOD. So some men will be angelic and not be aware or they choose not to tell their family bases is my guess. Their lives are none of my business. I simply am trying to understand what I am seeing in Austin, Texas. Thank you for your consideration whomever you are. I love you. Happy Sunday!!!!


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