An Honest Hallelujah

I have had two breakthroughs in this Christmas Season. They will go untestified save for one detail: School House Rocks was established today here at Uncovered No More.

The blog is not operational yet. It’s not like I’m not still dealing with a lot of stuff right now. Sorry.

This article entitled “Biome” on my website blog Heaven On Earth is beginning to motion toward why I have established another live book, called a blog. America, you destroyed my printed work. Fuck you.

Here is one of my infamous musical prayer lists done up in my own hand these days since first of all I have gorgeous handwriting skills and second of all I prefer my artwork over my excellent typing skills when I have time.

Today I have time. In some manners of speaking I damn well better stop having daughters (#4) being sick for months at a time while retailers take and take and take from my children and me in Austin, Texas—and I better start having multiplied time henceforth forevermore in Jesus Name because I have no problem. I said I have no problem, indeed. I have no problem being that Christmas Witch Bitch who makes a lovely little scene in your restaurant or church or grocery store. I can be right. Watch me in Jesus Name amen. Watch me Periscope it afterwards.

I am tired of being searched. I am tired of having stuff happen and then Mum’s the word. I’m tired of abuse of millenials in the workplace and children in schools and everywhere else. And I haven’t even begun to talk about the real crimes committed upon children in the USA in this #retroprophetic blog article. Prophecy? Oh yes. I know about that.

Do you have any questions? I saw this bumper sticker on Loop 1 as we waited to get out of bumper to bumper traffic today as I kept moving in another crazy moment of another busy day as so many of us have.  It went something like I make it my priority to piss off the religious right. I laughed. But here is a question, Texas: which of you are my “religious right”?

Tag, you are it. You’ve mistreated all 13 of my children and their counterparts while I sloshed around in hell on earth. Now you may live with me and mine loving you a different way.

Happy Holidays, Texas. I love you.  But I don’t love You as much as I love the Lord my God first. Oops. You thought I did for nine long years. You thought I loved you more, United States. *laugh*






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