My Public Face Book Page & 3 Rivers Here

I just exploded an allegorical atomic bomb on my public FaceBook page in one post about a book I am going to post haste read and accomplish a beautiful book review for on this website blog and on Heaven 555.

If you think I haven’t understood that I do that sort of allegorical work publicly (faith is my sole substance here; it is the gift of God) and privately the last nine years as my blinders were fully removed effective November 19, 2016, then stuff it where the sun don’t shine because I am done done with passive and aggressive domination and appearances of holy evil in my life.

Let me re-cap some work I’m doing here lately via @CoffeyCara1 Periscope and Twitter with my public FaceBook page where appropriate people I’m protecting (who all of a sudden got Instagrams this year for reasons they don’t ever divulge to me so I don’t trust why they are doing it until they are honest with me) have been blocked on FaceBook by me as a protection measure for them. 

And particularly, this move of mine is to protect 13 children. That’s it ya’ll. Other than a very Human Jesus Christ, Gabriel, Michael, Patrick Clayton Beaty, and those 13 children along with certain human angelics on the ground, I don’t trust you in Austin, Texas, as you continue to reside with me here and I don’t trust you on FaceBook or Twitter. *shrug*

Nepotism was used on me across at least four years. Beaty family, and they are my “Patrick Clayton Beaty” up above in that paragraph, don’t ever, ever, did I say ever? We do not ever freaking give over when politics, nepotism, white supremacy, racism, and sexism are in the room in real life. (Laughing).

Yeah. I never made Dad or Uncle Paul “turn over in their graves” like I have probably made Bob Jones of Bob Jones Ministries and even possibly Robert Jackson of Streams Ministries International “turn over in their grave”. What is the difference, ahem, betwixt Robert Jackson and Robert Jones in this little girl’s stupid life?

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I’m not kidding. I’m laughing here finally after I came down painfully out of hell, or came up….whatever…… I put on my makeup in our Master Bedroom bathroom this morning……..yet again after nine very long years. I’m exhausted. There is compassion among some people for the fact that I am exhausted in Austin, Texas. I can tell who you are. (smile)

Don’t forgive me for my sarcasm if you are above the age of 33 in the United States of America. Hate me for it, love me for it, but do something else other than hide from me okay? OK.

The difference between Robert Jackson and Robert Jones is simple. Robert Jackson is high elect Tribe Judah with my daddy. I’ve seen all three of them: Robert, Robert, and Robert as in Uncle Paul, Dad, and Daddy Jackson but I have not seen hide nor hair of Bob Jones on this earth ever; however, I labored in love with his generation up above and down below for a long while; a long while; a long while–and did I not say that I am exhausted? Yes, I said that. Does anyone come over and help me and my exhausted children with housework, chores, dinner fixing, or bills to keep this ministry going? No. No. No. It’s hands off where Cara Coffey is concerned and she is exhausted. Yay God I will yet praise Him all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.

I am going to delete the FB public post after I write this article. That’s how it is going to rock ‘n roll now: I will post real testimony as I keep going on FaceBook, come up out of hell as I put my makeup on, and then write an article on Rivers International and hit delete on FaceBook. I can remain nice, hidden, and fully in love with the Way, Truth, and Life that way. Easy Peasy.

Now. Here is the point on the FB post I am about to  hit delete upon:

  1. Jesus Christ shows up to elect faithful nowadays when those trusted are in his midst to where nobody drops dead while he and I are there. OK. That does not mean those are the Jesus People. Only he knows about that except in one case. I know I’m one of them and I’m the only one I know with the strange testimony I have. If you have the same strange testimony, jet set literally to Austin, Texas, and find me here and there to introduce yourself. I’m just kidding. An angel will prolly show up and get you out like I’ve had happen a few times. I have admitted it before and I’m gonna admit it now: those highly involved with my testimony in Austin, Texas, have body guards. No worries; no worries. The hidden ones either shave heads, drop dead, or otherwise get reduced to the privilege to have the Austin, Texas, testimony WE have.
  2. If I sound arrogant to you: shut the fuck up. You were not the one confined to your hellishly real heavenly door bedroom the day John Paul Jackson died dying with him for four solid months. That process in his life and in mine started on October 18, 2014. Go check the death records. A second cousin Murray (Beaty-Murray is who that is as in Shirley Beaty my father’s only sister who died of brain cancer in my bedroom when I was ten just like her great grandson died also as I saw John Paul Jackson die and Jesus spoke to me in the second heaven rather clearly so long ago though it was only in 2014–which it is an eternity to me these days as a realm traveler) died of a double bout of brain cancer on that day. He was ten even as I was when his great grandmother went to sleep literally, painfully in my bedroom. The rest of that testimony is buried on my Periscope right now. People drop dead around me. I know about it. I hide the ferocious parts of my life for a very good reason: the only appropriate and righteous fear, or hate, in the war of Armaggedon as it pertains to high elect all 12 Tribes (Revelation 14) is the righteous fear and hate that God feels. God requires the fear of GoD as the beginning of wisdom. You do not know what it is to wait patiently dying inside every day for nine years because people thought they had Christians wisdom around you—and they had none; they had none. I am not their judge but God is and that is another item of Christian relevance: we are not The Judge. Christians, and white males particularly, don’t believe that as they teach us in pulpits, schools, and etc–if they are over the age of 45 in the United States of America. As a non-arrogant aside: I don’t know any other high elects in my last nine years who knew these concepts as they dealt with me face to face. Whatever. I leave the rest to God on a regular basis.
  3. Jesus is here and dwelling just like he revealed himself to Mary Magdalene and the disciples/women in his life in John 21 and the initial chapters of the book of Acts. It is that simple. Just because I see him in a church, or other building, where video is being taken means nothing to Him or the angels. Nothing, oh human, is as obvious as the nose on your face as you look in the mirror. There is nothing new under the sun. You will not see Jesus ever in your life until after you die and then you face God as the Judge. Unless, that is, unless Jesus Christ and the angels dictate you are to dwell with him. I may never dwell with him. That is none of my business. All that I testify is that I am an in real life Mary Magdalene type. I have been places. Jesus is there or shows up. He disappears or leaves me very distinct messages,  as do angels, so I can be secure after nine very long years that  I am entertaining them according to what the Apostle Paul says very obediently in love with God first and my neighbor as myself–they are okay with how I deal with their testimony in my life. Who am I? A little girl who loves to go to church, cook dinner, home school, and be thankful every day to stay in the will of God as I continue to watch and pray. Have I ever spoken face to face with a body form of Jesus? Yes. I walked out directly after the incident and we only said about three words to one another. That is henceforth all you are going to get out of me. My testimony today is fully sealed and I need to get back to real life. I am doing everything in my power today to stop falling from hell. I want to stay on heaven on earth and thrive there. I do not any longer want to be exhausted OK? OK.
  4. If I spend time with a minister anywhere like a book, a meeting, a social media, or etc,  henceforth, it’s because I’m in the New Jerusalem and can do that with Tribe Judah or highly faithful associates right now. I felt from the Lord this week, and duly testified it somewhere on FaceBook, that from 2018~2022 is a sort of allegorical/physical shock worldwide in the best sort of way. It is all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.

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