Chavda Ministries App

Cara Tribe Judah is saying: Get It. Listen. Learn. Be set free in Christ Jesus all glory to God and in Jesus Name amen. I’m posting notes of a two part series within the Chavda Ministries App under the Section The Watch TV.

@CoffeyCara1 Periscope “The Other Side”

To be crystal clear, I didn’t watch the program until after I completed the Periscope in my car at the Southwest YMCA and then I came in and did some stretches. Now I’m leaving the YMCA because I still have chores to do, and what is more I need a little rest since shingles are still stripping through my body after the last freaking hellish 10 years all glory to God and in Jesus Name. In the Periscope, little people are still telling me what to do. I am only a stupid woman, after all.



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