All Things New 13 & 15

Periscope by @CoffeyCara1 on Black Friday 2017


Cara Beaty, Age 14

Michael Shane Davis + 2

John Paul Jackson + 3

Lydia Joy, Esther Grace, Robert Edward Coffey

Patrick Clayton Beaty

Patrick, Alva, & Eara Beaty-Coffey

These 15 will bring forth what needs bringing forth as it concerns Uncovered No More and Streams Ministries International all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.

Any interim move of adoption is now nullified as it concerns Tribe Judah on 11/29/2017 and my 13 original children are effectively today high elect Tribe Judah by no action on my part. It is the gift of God to Tribe Judah from April 14, 1966 to this that is termed forevermore in the New Testament in Jesus Name, amen. (2 John, Jude, Revelation)


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