Every Joint Supplies

I know something today. I’ve known this something for a very long, short time in a 51 year frame. I see it in the first heaven so much more, and so little most, than I did on April 14, 1966, and until today and tomorrow forever when a mother took 45 minutes to have this baby delivered out of her body while the daddy smoked a lot and waited a little for his favorite daughter to be born. Dad. I told you. I’m your only daughter.

The Master Weaver; The Master Potter; The Master Gardener; The Master Carpenter; The Master Pilot; The Master General; The Master Ship Captain; This One Three Mysteriously Humanly I AM WHO OWNS the cattle on every hill and counts the hair and lack of it on every head is being known on the earth in a place where I simply ponder: today I can safely and sanely and humorously dryly admit that where one joint supplies as far as Christians go, the other joint ain’t got that ticket in the second heaven.

But this is the point: Love. This is the commandment: Love God first and neighbor as ourselves. This is the sum: Law and Prophets. This is The Definition: Alpha Omega.


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