Every Joint Supplies

I know something today. Iโ€™ve known this something for a very long, short time in a 51 year frame. I see it in the first heaven so much more, and so little most, than I did on April 14, 1966, and until today and tomorrow forever when a mother took 45 minutes to have this baby delivered out of her body while the daddy smoked a lot and waited a little for his favorite daughter to be born. Dad. I told you. Iโ€™m your only daughter.

The Master Weaver; The Master Potter; The Master Gardener; The Master Carpenter; The Master Pilot; The Master General; The Master Ship Captain; This One Three Mysteriously Humanly I AM WHO OWNS the cattle on every hill and counts the hair and lack of it on every head is being known on the earth in a place where I simply ponder: today I can safely and sanely and humorously dryly admit that where one joint supplies as far as Christians go, the other joint ainโ€™t got that ticket in the second heaven.

But this is the point: Love. This is the commandment: Love God first and neighbor as ourselves. This is the sum: Law and Prophets. This is The Definition: Alpha Omega.


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