Bobby’s Briefings


I set the feature image so that it can be understood I know Bobby Conner is wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove. There are not many I can say that about in America as far as Christians go in my own perpective. And I am broken in that perspective. It is all glory to God. I colored this picture for Eara Abigail’s birthday this year. She is as Bobby Conner. ❤️💚💛💜🖤 Am I? Yes but I’m not believed. It is not OK to me—this fact of my degraded life. But at least this I can testify: I kept writing on blogs how only Jesus could deliver me on this property. He has and is. Thank You Jesus.


This sealed testimony is in detail. I posted it then hit delete after I came under direct persecution due to one New Testament issue: serpent enmity I have as a woman. Below is my second artwork. It is honest.  It is only the Truth Who sets us free. This concept is all I know after a rather long day: that I’m a little freer. I learned some more truth in Jesus Name amen.


Bobby Conner’s Conversation with GOD updated 10/9/2017


I thought I hit delete on this blog’s Bobby’s Briefing. But since I didn’t I will list some of the artwork now which is going on Uncovered No More’s blog roll.


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