The Original Revolution by Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda

This is a periodical. I will post this article in Book Reviews and add my artwork if the Chavda’s privilege me with another article in the mail after October of 2017all glory to GOD.


Taken from “Nuts & Bolts” on pp. 33-35 from Uncovered No More: a four blood moon testimony (vol 3) now out of print due to I don’t know why but I am determined to love them all according to John 20 as expressed in retention of forgiveness in this article on Uncovered No More: Retention & Ryan, Part Seven. Our daughter Mary Hannah had a minor accident this afternoon. Now you know: it really is real, that thing called Uncovered No More. 

“Michael Pearl is a witness to the ministries of UNM and SMI as we suffered together as heavenly opening associates according to the witnesses in Revelation chapter 11. I have forgiven NGJ because in the course of dealing with them, they denied my grievances in 2013 before I wrote The Double Moons Prayer Initiative.
The Pearl family came under direct demonic attack as I geared up to testify what I am testifying in this third volume. All one must do is look up the “Lydia Shatz” murder case on the Internet to see how they were framed for that murder in one manner of speaking by demons but they are innocent of the crime wholly in any manner of speaking.
The Lydia Shatz murder case, and the drowning of children in Houston, Texas, earlier are both featured in my second book as I pray for America and witness the realities of what I am testifying in the flesh life now in this book.
There are witnesses in Revelation 11 and 42 months when the Jews are being tread underfoot. I protected NGJ and therefore, UNM and SMI took the brunt of the demonic torment because Michael Pearl of NGJ has Jewish ancestry. Please note throughout this story how Pearl, Mississippi and Jackson, Mississippi are very close to one another geographically. There is the Pearl River in that area, as well.
As an aside, I am prophetically numerically gifted and any reader will see me point to numeric testimony occasionally. I will sometimes point to the biblical record this way also but I am not going to explain myself in this regard. Any reader of this book needs to become educated in numeric testimony in my personal opinion.
I highly recommend Dreams Made Easy, Volume 1, by Barb Dechant. The book is sold on Amazon (here). It is written in a conversational style for us common folk to help us understand our dreams and to help our families interpret their dreams, too. Barb was mentored by SMI. I met her, and went to church with her, as a young wife and mother in Jackson, Mississippi.
I am not going to focus primarily on numeric testimony in this book because it would be too complicated; however, I will point out a couple of things here and there. The first item is how my grandmother died at the age of 42 and I was almost driven insane at the age of 42. This points to the 42 generations that it took the Israelites to bring us Jesus in the flesh life according to Matthew chapter one. 42 is a digit sum of six, which is the number of humankind who were created on the sixth day. Jesus lived 33 years which is also a digit sum of six.
I am numerically gifted in time as well. I have seen 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:33, 4:44, and other numeric prophetic connections in time and in money amounts. It is too much to testify anymore. I have read testimony of other people who see 11:11 frequently. I do not ever look at the time on purpose to try to see these things. It just happens.
SMI is First John, UNM is Second John, and NGJ is Third John in my testimony according to the “parable” Jesus spoke about the disciple whom Jesus loves in John 21 beginning in August of 2011 and ending on September 28, 2015 in some manners of speaking. I reported this both on my .com and to NGJ privately. This is prophetically why under unction of the Holy Spirit I sent both ministerial heads a letter one day after Esther Jackson died, may she rest in peace. Both of these ministries are within my memoir and as I have already shared, I have apologized to both men though Mr. Jackson died before I met him and SMI has never replied to anything I have written to them, sadly. I do not know why.
Michael Pearl is a witness according to Revelation 11:3 along with some others of this story. He is also “Noah” like my father and uncle because he built his home. It would not surprise me if there are heavenly openings/doors, or just one, where they reside but I do not know. That ministry has not communicated with me in quite some time. They have yet to apologize for how they denied my grievances. But it is too painful for me as a prophetess to keep them in unbeliever status so I forgave it many times over, re-enacted that initiative among others later as I kept getting hit with demonic torment, and then finally released them fully in 2015 at some point when I could manage to handle it in the spirit realms all glory to God.
In all other manners of speaking, and for my entire life, the biggest manifestation of how the Apostle John remains is within three ministries who are also Gideon’s Army in my story as it pertains to heavenly doors in the United States, and I am going to release this information without releasing an explanation for the sake of privacy of the Tribe of Judah in the United States of America. I will talk a little about this testimony another way later. There is going to be redundancy in this book because the testimony is actually very large and so I have to pull details in at varying stages of testimony from different veins of my writing, if that makes sense.

XXXXXX October 21, 2017 XXXXXX

Tribe Judah America is currently on my website here but it is always, always, always subject to change since we now know King of kings is very much on the earth by the testimony of a good many people, myself included. One thought from Him, and I’ll hit delete on all my writing no big deal. But here is the truth: if Cara Coffey is destroying her writing or leaving Austin, TX, it is because she was driven to it by Christians in error, demons intent on my destruction according to Revelation 12, and the Synagogue of Satan and False Prophet of the Book of Revelation as it particularly pertains to church sin of Revelation 2 and 3  but those are not the only two chapters my personal, public, and private torments came from.

Just general people with money and too much time on their hands do things like make sure their kids are swimming at the YMCA while my kids are there so those boys whose parents were red necks can get their digs on Esther Grace while I broke it up, got my kids out of the water, and reported the incident to the life guard like any responsible parent should do–and that happened in either August or September of 2017. It’s like earlier this month at Restore Austin who abused my mother: a kid threw a Bible at Esther and she was going to carefully tell the Sunday School teacher and that person was understandably busy.

It’s like Zach Lambert of Restore Austin. He is uncomfortable with prophetess me and wanted to meet before I jointed the home group. He was confused when I admitted I’m afraid of pastors. When you have the likes of Bill Butt Head Lawler marrying you and Randy-it’s-always-funny Phillips (Life Austin) as demonic side-kicks in Synagogue of Satan while Cheryl Davis and Bill Hart are real good at thinking you are a mystic and broadcasting it to your family members on your 50th birthday at a restaurant you invited them to–you are afraid of pastors in any meetings without Mahesh Chavda and Bobby Conner as your Judah witnesses in the room because you know they believe your testimony so you can trust them.

There now, Zachie-poo: are you confused now? I will let my son wear those freaking T-shirts but I will not allow you to passively/agressively do what you are doing and have already done to my mother and me. You go ahead and shave your head all you want. Dead works are just that: dead. Bah bah black goat have you any wool? Yes ma’am, yes ma’am it’s called I’m a fool. And whether he likes it or not, according to Exodus 20, I must report that Curtis Edward Coffey denied my testimony point blank by Father’s Day of 2017. That’s why I told Mahesh Chavda via a snail mail letter that I need to say some things to Curtis with him in the room and notified Bobby Conner of that letter again by snail mail. I confirmed with Curtis today that yes, his denial still stands. God have mercy on me, the stupid woman. I am scared one hundred percent of the time after what I went through February of 2015 until this present darkness.

If you were to hear my whole story along the lines of Hannah’s accident today and Esther’s being beaten up by boys in a pool, you’d be white boy and girl ages 30 and up horrified. This is how we get Trump for a president, people. If I’d been a witch mom, I’d have dunked those scrawny red necks in the water and walked off. Sheesh.

XXXXXX October 21st, 2017 horror finished XXXXXX

At this point in my testimonial and prophetic life, I expect America to believe me (What an idiot I was right here, hey?). On the other hand, I don’t care if It believes me or not. I am so finished with viewing, repenting for, and testifying through some things in this country according to the Bible in general and the book of Revelation in particular that I will leave it at that in the Name of Jesus Christ and all glory to God.

Streams Ministries International
Uncovered No More
Anchored In Christ Ministries

As a prophetess, I travel continuously through all churches listed in Revelation chapters two and three. I repent for the sin and help the people in each church, and I can instinctively tell some Christian people which church they are a part of sometimes. But I won’t ever do that sort of ministerial work in person. I am simply testifying here so any reader can understand how I am gifted and called to be writing this testimony all glory to God.

The circumstance of our being in the times before the flood worldwide in 2015 is very easy to see, sadly, simply by watching the national and inter-national news, and that has been true well before my generation was on the earth.

I will not hazard any guess but one about that biblical fact: right after Jesus left, we were warned by the men of God who authored the New Testament, weren’t we? That is enough of an understanding for me anymore as a woman who is walking through the book of Revelation in real time all the time and aware of it across all three realms for the last seven years.


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