Psalm 80, Part Seven

In Conclusion, a Rainbow Part Six

This is an addendum to Double Moons produced today—one day after Curtis turned 55. It is also featured on Conversations with Psalms & Proverbs HERE.

This article will be featured on Heaven On Earth in this article as soon as I finish up my artwork and magazine review.

Please be aware I could testify so much more today. Please know my love for America and the entire world in that assertion. Please know I am a voice representing billions of people who are equally and universally speaking in my voice. We are the Universal Voice Human and we know GOD HEARS US because it is obvious. It is obvious. 

Esther Grace told me Psalm 80 was her favorite one this week as I had just begun reading the One Year Bible Psalm to my three youngest children at the YMCA in Oak Hill.

She wasn’t on the earth when she said that. She was in the Throne Room Of Heaven. You see, due to high gifting, Esther was delayed in reading. She is just now getting to a place of being able to read a Bible by herself. I will be getting her her own Living Bible very soon.

Go ahead. Don’t believe me. Dangerous, that. But whatever because Essie and Mama are free. Yay GOD. (2 John)


Perfect Illusion by Lady Gaga on YouTube

It was not love that Essie and Mama experienced across this stupid housewife, Christian life of 51 years or I freaking wouldn’t be asking that question below in 2017. It was something, but it wasn’t love so now you get the real story told the Jesus Way. Worldwide. In Jesus Name amen and all glory to GOD.


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