Shall We Dance Part Two

Double Moons Prayer Initiative Part One

188 Shall We Dance, Part Two
October 6, 2013

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This blog article is going to be one small chapter of <i>Uncovered No More: loved by Jesus</i> to show how I was allegorically behaving as an Eve in the spirit realms to have been taken to this valley of the shadow of death prayer initiative that is the Double Moons Prayer Initiative series of blog articles.

<b><center>Shall We Dance?</b></c>

The ballroom was an unimaginable place of beauty. Ceilings of sparkling blue, rainbow-colored walls and a most luscious green ballroom floor were the backdrop. A waterfall spilled over shimmering rocks into a sparkling pool to one side. They were dancing; unaware of what lay beyond the exquisite room.

He entered, masculine and alluring. His very demeanor carried an essence that was musical and debonair in a worldly sort of way. He broke into the dance of the pair swirling past him.

“May I have this dance?”

Eve looked. She paused with Adam standing there. Strange, but this fellow held a piece of fruit in his grasp; she thought his gift rather romantic.

“Well…I don’t know. The Father told us not to eat this fruit, beautiful though it is.”

“But you are so innocent. How very wrong this is. Your Father knows you will understand more deeply if you will but eat.” He said this in damnable anticipation because certainly it would be beneficial to dance with Eve.

To dance with her was to dance with humankind, and the knowledgeable fellow knew the sensual reality of that fact. Yes, this is most pleasant. Her children would dance with him too. Fellowship with the Father is what the rogue had lost. Certainly Eve would somehow satisfy his lustful, proud, and angry need for others to be separated along with him. She is the helper, so who better to ask? After all, it is chivalrous to allow the lady to go first.

Eve saw the sparkling fruit that seemed somehow to be able to quench her unrealized thirst and hunger. At that mesmerizing moment, she allowed the beauty of forbidden fruit to blind her to the ecstasy of innocent fellowship with the Father. She had been dancing with Adam under the umbrella of the love of God in that ballroom, fulfilled in the completely wonderful beauty of childhood innocence that covered her, and she knew no shame. But the niggling feeling of something more exciting beyond the simplicity beckoned in that moment.

“Yes, thank you, I will dance with you. Adam, let us make this a threesome, shall we?”

Off they swirled, all three of them together, around that beautiful ballroom floor. The number three in that moment was abominated, and Eve was caught in the middle, helping her husband swirl in symphony with a new rhythm that was now under the control of this other dance instructor, Satan.

Darkness descended, and the gentle Man stood to the side and watched as one tear slipped down His cheek. The Knight left the ballroom, mounted His white steed, and rode to the rescue. There will be a day in time when He dances with His bride, but the war had begun for the moment. It appeared the devil had won.

<i>The truth is, I walk as Eve among other ladies in the Bible as a gatekeeper. I identify with many Bible characters in order to do what I have done for five years. I guess that is being taught by the Holy Spirit as Jesus says we are in the Christian Nation of the world.</i>

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