Key to Double Moons Part Three

Shall We Dance Part Two

189 Key to Double Moons Prayer Initiative, Part Three
October 7, 2013

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This was written in July of 2013.

This is a “cast of characters” so to speak for the Double Moons Prayer Initiative. In large part, the two prayer journeys of “March of Jericho” and “Tower of Babel” are what I will term “second heaven writing”. That means I was working very hard in what I was doing, and occasionally under unction by the Holy Spirit, I would come to the computer and keep writing during this intense time. I do not live normally in seasons like the one I lived through here. It was painful in many ways because I was weeping across time from the curse until the present day encapsulated, and after five very long years, within two sets of walks in the neighborhood.

Please realize that there was a tremendous amount of gatekeeper work to have gotten me to this point, and it is somewhat testified on this blog. It is not testified in any published work of mine because I am careful with what I publish. A blog is best suited to writing like this because I can write, and edit, at will. Once something is set in a published work, to me as an author, it is like it is “set in stone” kind of like the ten commadments on two stone tablets were written for the Children of Israel years ago by God. I say that smiling. I do not say smiling how I have been scared beyond any way to say how I’ve had to write on this blog. This blog is much harder to maintain for me than the two books I have written. In my personal and prophetic opinion, the Internet is a physical representation of 6-6-6 though I am not intimating the Internet is “the beast” of Revelation.

If there are any questions, I will answer them if you write to the contact page. I will not surmise; rather, I will clarify what I am feeling in the spirit to have stated what I did.

In large initial part, Uncovered No More is founded upon Isaiah 61, and the pearls I talk about in this series and on this blog are physical testimony to that. As I share in my second volume, I have been “married to Isaiah”, and this was told to me by a young man named Michael who lived on this property for a short time and dreamed this about me.

I have been taken to Isaiah to stand in the gap nowadays. Statistically, women are the “go to” people in the body of Christ, and I have chosen to understand that as stated in Isaiah 32 (women of leisure repenting) and also Proverbs 31 to come to the place of praying against Leviathan (Psalm 74) and Jezebel (Revelation 2). I painfully “divorced Isaiah” as I was being slain in the spirit world. I have died in the spirit world a number of times, and it happened again as this blog series was written. I gave up faster this time, and it wasn’t nearly as painful mentally/spiritually as the other times. I still mourn how I had to separate myself from the prophetic unction of being married in the spirit to Isaiah. But it was necessary due to the demonic interference on this property. I don’t think I am separated any longer; it was for a season to get through this series in a somewhat peaceful manner for this family.

For about two years now, perhaps a little less, I am numeric gifted in prophecy. This means that the Holy Spirit uses divine appointment a whole lot with me. I look at time throughout any given day and it communicates numerically to me. I almost <b>never</b> look at the time on purpose I am laughing to say. So when that happened in the initiatives, the obvious patterns (ex: 5:44 then 6:44) will be noted. I have seen 11:11 and 12:12 many times over. If you do a search on the Internet, both Christian and non-Christian prophetic people have that happen. The only explanation I appreciated generally speaking came from a pagan I am sad to say. I will explain it now from a Christian standpoint: in the case of 11:11, you have a double anointing for standing in the gap in prayer. 12:12 is a quadruple six (praying for 6-6-6 happenings but outside of the time of it; this gives you confidence so you can combat the wrong kind of fear) and a double apostolic anointing, again, in prayer. It is that obvious, and I don’t think it wise to get super-duper hyped about being a person like that. On the other hand, if you do see time patters, I would suggest you get a Christian dream interpretation resource and learn the meanings of the separate numbers in the Bible. I have a resource, but I also simply pay attention to biblical numbers and the digit sums to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to me day to day as I keep praying as a prayer warrior gifted with numeric prophetic gifting.

I am equally gifted with prophetic name understanding. And all of my children were named prophetically by me under unction of the Holy Spirit, but I did not know who some of them were named for until after the Holy Spirit showed me later. It wasn’t at their birth. One example of this is my ninth child Esther. She is named after the mother of a ministerial leader’s mother with whom this ministry prays alongside.

My husband had a dream about me this year, and I had had sex with his father and brother in the dream over and again though Curtis didn’t see me doing it but only knew it had happened. There is a story in the Old Testament where a woman was ravished by other men as a concubine, and her husband cut her dead body up and sent it to those in Israel to stir up the zeal of the men, and that is what is happening in this case allegorically <b>with this series</b>. This dream is also simply explaining the generational praying I do. Curtis was monumentally angry, but I was okay with it in the dream. I wasn’t okay with it when he told me, and indeed as a prophetic woman I’ve been married to two men. How Curtis and I survived is beyond me, but when my dear husband put my wedding ring back on my finger last weekend as some prayer initiatives came about is such a healing, restorative thing to us Coffeys. We are exhausted, but joyfully so.

I had also been divorced from Curtis in the spirit world and he dreamed that too some years ago. But Curtis and I have a lovely marriage, I was a virgin in the flesh when I married my husband, and there is no infidelity in our marriage. All of this I am sharing is to help with perspective in what I have written in this series.

Nothing, and I say nothing, can ever be taken at face value alone; on the other hand, we should never let our dreams, visions, and spiritual understandings overpower the Sword of the Word, the Bible. This is spoken in the book of Jude 1:16-23. I have prayed for those who need it, and God knows. Some have been snatched from the fires and others have had the balm of compassion of the ministry of Uncovered No More poured upon their feet. I have kissed their feet and wept for them all betimes.

In Jude 1:8 in the ESV version, there is the statement, “relying on their dreams”. I have come against this tendency of imbalance within the ultra-charismatic church because there is a definite lack of balance in our revelatory midst.

Though I have been on the maturation processes inherent within First Corinthians, many of my Christian counterparts have not. They are still children in some ways due to the difficulty of the atmosphere of this nation right now. The blindness and demonic battles are beyond explaining….it is all very bound, oppressed, and thick. Therefore, people misunderstood my love messages a good many times on both private and second heaven levels. This frustrated me no end because I am blameless. I have to hide Uncovered No More in Austin still because of this issue. It has to do with the great shift which took place in late 2008 that I heard Dr. Chuck Pierce proclaim prophetically when I heard him speak in February of either 2010 or 2011 at a Texas Ablaze Conference where Curtis and I attended.

Here is the basic numbers, very obviously in the Bible, that I used. And unless otherwise noted, either the numbers are outright stated or they are multiples. For example, when I state I see 6-6-6-6, it could be in any pattern, for instance, December 6, 2013 because December is month twelve which is two sixes, and then there is the day 6, and then 2013 is a digit sum of 6 also. Or, it could be 12-6-6 in my ministerial case which means I have prayed with apostolic authority for the 6-6 of my life. A quadruple six is outside of 6-6-6 which points to revelatory prayer initiatives as I will explain farther down and within the text of the blog articles. I am “praying forward”.

I have told my husband that if I am wrong with what I see ahead and therefore state incorrect prayer initiatives, then I will ask God’s forgiveness on my death bed for vain imaginations. I also state, “but not my will, Thine done” on a regular basis and openly acknowledge how I AM has veto power supreme on my prayers….I can take a firm “No” any time He hands it to me though I get a little upset at that because it’s embarrassing on a public level to pray and then be told no.

<b>1</b>-I AM

<b>3</b>-Trinity, and when I pray for 3:33 it is because there are, according to the book of Jude, abominations in our revelatory midst particularly nationwide, but also worldwide.

<b>4</b>-not sure; but for me, and at the moment, it is a difficult number having to do with war in the spirit world. A square has four sides and four corners in which demonic activity can be hidden as compared to a circle where there are no corners and wide open curves. 44 is a digit sum of 8.

<b>5</b>-Grace; Redemption…55 is double, etc. In time 5:55 is a really huge encouragement (smile).

<b>6</b>-number of man; number Jesus carried in several ways on this earth.

<b>7</b>-number of rest (and 14 being a double rest)

<b>8</b>-new beginning; or as the case may be: what demonic armies intended for harm the I AM uses for His purposes. Example: Jesus appeared and delivered Thomas from doubting on the eighth day, and that was a new beginning for the Apostle Thomas. But he had to be corrected and repent to get that new beginning because he was being tempted to lack faith, obviously.


<b>10</b>-wilderness, and 10×4 is the 40 of wilderness the children of Israel experienced. I am 40 years in the Lord this year.

<b>11</b>-standing in the gap of sin/demonic temptation in prayer initiatives

<b>12</b>-apostolic number that carries authorities for various prayer initiatives. 24 is a double 12; 36 is a triple. That is important to a degree when needing confidence in prayer initiatives.

<b>13</b>-digit sum of “4”, and viewing the rage of demonic armies as well as rebellion of mankind. But that is the negative side and praying brings forth faith, hope, and love for the beauty in this number.

<b>14</b>-double anointing. Or as I like to think, double grace and rest (faith) sufficient in God for me even when I stand in the midst of ashes of things, or demonic activity too great for me to comprehend, as I stand in the gap for people, this nation, or the nations of the world.

<b>22</b>-Keys to the Kingdom; Apostles; but negatively Disorganization, which makes sense in light of two and two equaling my aforementioned four.

<b>44</b>-Double Creativity; Ammunition; Warfare; Judgment…Please note 22 and 44 in my time notations to understand a little better what God is doing with the prayer initiative or unction that put me to typing again throughout this series.

**Some numeric definitions came from the book, <i>Dreams Made Easy, Volume 1</i> by a former acquaintance of mine through marriage to Curtis, Barb Dechant. She lived in the Jackson, MS area when I went there to marry Curtis, and she was trained in dream interpretation.

My children, and our animals, are used in this testimony:

1. Edith-firstborn named after Curtis’s maternal grandmother who was married to Alfred Mellor. Mr. Mellor was a Methodist elder and also a freemason. Ouch in the spirit realm, but God gave us very distinct deliverance shared in this initiative allegory.

2. Patrick-born on my birthday when I turned 27, and my deceased brother’s namesake. April 14, 1966 is my birth date. Sixty years before on April 14, 1906, the Azusa Street Revival was born. I am a child of the Azusa Street Revival, and so is Patrick. God was putting an exclamation point on this ministry and how I testify I am a gatekeeper to have arranged the births of my first born son and I this way.

3. Margaret Elizabeth-born on her paternal grandmother’s birthday and named after my mother-in-law in the middle name. Lois Elizabeth (note the biblical reference in her name) is my mother-in-law who lived with us for 12 years. She had to be removed by October of 2009 because I was under too much torment. As of 2013, I can say it was safer for her as well what with all that has happened since September of 2008. I know what the Bible passage concerning being set against my mother-in-law means, sadly. But we love each other, and she is a Christian. Thank You Jesus.

4. Dorothy Ann-my middle namesake; unknown by me until years later, also named in the first name for a third cousin of Curtis’s on the Coffey side who is a Mormon.

5. Mary Hannah-named after my mother in the first name (my mother is a Mary Virginia), and the child whose age changes two weeks before the date we moved onto this property and my life became unbearably worse for many years due to the gateways on this property. But I love it because Hannah is all smiles, and now so am I.

6. Alva Richard-named by God in the night twice in the middle name. He is named after Richard Wurmbrand. Alva is a paternal Hebrew family name. My brother-in-law’s first name is Alva. Richard’s birthday is March 12, 2001. That is a 3-3-3 in digit sums. I did not know who my son was named after until I was writing my second book and the Lord opened my eyes. I cannot write anything I don’t see; I don’t see until God opens my eyes. His timing is perfect. That is the truth.

7. Eara Abigail-named after my paternal grandmother who died at the age of 42 from uterine cancer. I was almost driven insane at the age of 42 because my husband uttered the title “Uncovered No More” and demons knew that ministerial name and therefore hit me hard the next day, and days following. It has taken 5 years to be completely free, and that is explained somewhat in this blog article series as I pray.

8-Lydia Joy-not named after anyone except from the Bible, and she had a ninth birthday at a pivotal time in this story of nine articles. Her birthday was the second full moon. Actually, I did find out that her first name was after a lady who had a large Catholic family in my maternal family line. Her husband is named Joseph, and he is my mother’s brother.

9-Esther Grace-is the ninth child as my mother is. She is also named in the first name after a woman who has gone to be with the Lord and is the mother of an ultra-charismatic ministerial leader. I did not begin to realize Esther’s namesake until August of 2011 (approximately?) when I sent a letter to two ministerial leaders, one being the son of the mother Esther is named after. Esther is my ninth child which means I very clearly was starting a judgment beginning in the House of God with her and my mother across generations. Esther is a seer of all three realms though I need more time to discern this fully because she is so young. Bless her her little sweet though somewhat ADD heart, it isn’t so very easy for her.

10-Robert Edward who is named after my father and his brother (Robert Paul is mentioned in this series, sadly) and after my husband Curtis Edward in the middle name.

Curtis is Brother and Husband Adam. My dad, Robert H. Beaty, Jr. Is Father Adam and Grandfather Adam. My husband and father point to generational divisions in prayer.

Brother and Father Adam can also be two ministerial leaders whom I withhold from public view out of respect for those ministries and families. Uncovered No More, along with these two ministries, represent First, Second, and Third John according to the riddle in John 21 about the disciple whom Jesus loved, John. He was also tasked with caring for Mary the mother of Jesus. I need to state that I have two mothers, one of them is my own mother and one of them is named exactly the same as my mother who is my first cousin and the mother of my John the Baptist, explained below.

My John the Baptist is a blood relative who is anonymous and within this series a little bit because our families prayed together under direction of the Holy Spirit.

Timothy-our oldest son-in-law who married Edith here at this house with a judge presiding on June 22, 2013.

Sammy-a dog Edith rescued in front of a house in our neighborhood. The house had trouble, and the mother committed suicide. Sammy had been starving.

Val-my new standard poodle puppy. He was brought to us in June of 2013; one major prophet who has the first name of “Robert” as my father died on Valentine’s Day, 2014, and I was praying forward with Val for this. He goes on walks with me in my neighborhood all the time.

Jasmine-a female cat Edith rescued that was starving and had had kittens shortly before Edith found her on the highway. She is owned by Eara and Richard.

Kitty-my new son-in-law’s cat who we thought we would need to rehome but our son Richard is going to take him. My daughter Edith and her husband cannot have him in the apartment where they have lived for a month now. <i>Update: poor Kitty got lost, so he is gone.</i>

Baloo-an English Spaniel that we went to Colorado Springs, CO to purchase for my middle namesake Dorothy. It should be noted that I had a wakeful dream with a bear….and Dorothy named her dear dog “Baloo” after the bear in the Jungle Book. She does not know about my vision, and that is a prophetic detail of confirmation. There were prayer initiatives we enacted as we travelled there. I also had to enact in person prayer initiatives in Jackson, MS late last year or early this year. And in part it is for protection of the people in this testimony.

Cardinal (Redbird)-“Message from Heaven regarding wisdom, anointing and power; Bringing wisdom, anointing and power”. (<i>Dreams Made Easy, Volume 1</i> by Barb Dechant, copyright 2011, p. 35) Our family had some strangely comforting incidents with a cardinal this year. He came into our house once, and tapped on our back windows at times. And then, on some of my worst walks, a cardinal would land in my line of sight so I could keep walking. One time I remember the little fellow perched on a trash can, and the Lord told me that what I was seeing and suffering was a small thing and only taking out the trash in prayer. That helped me keep things in perspective.

I dedicated volume two of <i>Uncovered No More</i> to the “Robert and Edward” of my life. Robert means “bright fame” and Edward means “rich guard”. These two names have followed me all of my life, and it is comical at this point as well as obviously miraculous. When you are prophetic like I am, then these sorts of strange things happen to you for prayer purposes.

Please note whenever I mention “Michael” or “Mikeal” as in this article when a “Michael” who is a prophetic young man dreamed of my being married to Isaiah. These are angelic visitations coming through the people who have these names, quite simply, and as according to Hebrews 13:1-3. I know what it is to continue in love, entertain angels and people unawares due to my traveling in the spirit world, and suffering adversity in my body though no one can see it. But when I say in these blog articles that I am praying for “Michael and Gabriel”, I am also doing it in the flesh with people named that. I am not saying that these people are angels, and I do not agree with any of the teaching or prophetic testimony concerning angelic seed from the Old Testament being passed down to people. There is actually one prophetic minister in Austin that has written a book about this subject that I threw out of my house because it was heresy, plain and simple.

I am a gatekeeper. And that calling is not understood at all. I do not pretend to understand it myself; however, when you are one you scramble to understand yourself. Otherwise, you can assume you are indeed insane or at the least eccentric. As a gatekeeper, I am met with demonic issues the likes of which are not generally understood, but the blessing to it is I am given a space to come against spiritual powers in high places in the precious Name of Jesus for this family and my family, the body of Christ, and my family, my brothers and sisters all over the globe. I travel in the spirit world naturally, I am numerically gifted, I have dreams of all sorts, and as these articles were being written I began to have some removal of blindness concerning the alphabet. I am a simple person in these elements, though.

I am at this point highly practiced at standing in the gap in prayer. I have been taken to many people in the Bible to learn this skill, and at the moment these articles are praying forward to July 7, 2014 which is a pure 7-7-7, a triple rest for 6-6-6. Since I travel in the spirit world, I have “gone back” in time to pray forward what is happening in the United States. And this series allegorically tells my readers I have gone back to the curse in any number of ways. I am a little Eve who is repenting for sin of the ages.

I do not in any way, shape, or form believe in the witchcraft of coincidence. Therefore, every detail matters to me.

This prayer initiative has revelatory relevance from the Book of Revelation in several areas, but I am not going to go into detail about what I feel concerning the details of what I have written because I don’t know as much as I watch and wait in prayer. I use Revelation for prayer, to build my faith to keep praying, and in the fear of God because time is shorter now than it was when Revelation was written, obviously. <i>(Author Note: I ended up praying through Revelation for the rest of this blog after this point and then I started part two on February 1, 2015, after all that writing which this prophetic allegory writing touched off, so to speak, for me as the author in the second heaven.)</i>

Revelation is quite frankly a scary book as is the number 666. I have delved into prayers and seen pieces of Revelation that I openly admit are too deep for me to discern herein. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t testify to the details I see to help others, and myself, ponder the mysteries of the Deep Who is I AM and His Story as opposed to the ravages of time that reside in demonic intervention with the sin of man.

All of the prayer initiatives in here are in large part taken from the Bible passages listed in the United States Prayer Initiative. I have lived within that initiative, and it is the one that is freeing me as I pray state by state, to expound upon deeper prayer initiatives as the Holy Spirit takes me to other portions of the Bible, and particularly Revelation.

I point to numbers and times for one simple reason: math does not lie. It proves accuracy. And again, if anyone can point to something on this website in love and bring grievances to me, I will either apologize for your being offended or change it if my husband and I deem it necessary. I cannot change testimony that the Lord gave to me under direction of the Holy Spirit and my husband if I am compelled by the Hand of God to leave it here. I do not disobey the Bible to the best of my ability in any writing no matter what it is costing me.

There is testimony in this series that speaks of Mr. & Mrs. Jezebel-Leviathan. And I state that Leviathan’s army was in my living room. The reason I knew that is because I’d had a rather strange discussion with Esther Grace (have had these a few times as she has grown older) in which she knew King Leviathan though she is only seven years old, and she informed me that a demonic army was still in our living room. It is much like Eara Abigail who has seen upper level demonic forces that I systematically took out last year and this year. Edith had a very severe and difficult dream about an upper level force harming her physically, and she was in our living room at the time of the dream. I burnt that dream after Edith was delivered, just weeks before her marriage, of that upper level force that had entered her life, and mine, at her conception. Edith has upper level demonic authority though she admittedly has put her gifting on the back burner because it is a hard gifting to carry. But she has hated herself, and there was enmity in our relationship for years due to this upper level demonic force that was finally removed when she was 22. It came from her father’s seed which had freemasonry from Curtis’s mother’s father’s ignorant sin, and there are two dreams in my first book that Edith had depicting this and other terrors in her, and my, life.

All glory across my writing is given to God alone. Yes, sure, I typed it. But yet I didn’t. It’s hard to explain. There comes a point in a situation like this where you really aren’t doing it so much anymore. God is working a miracle, and you used free will to be a vessel, but then He takes over because it is miraculous. There was no way my human effort could have done anything like what is testified on this blog or in my books, and yet I am testifying….not imagining….anything I have written. None of this is fiction.

<a href=”″>Jericho March, Part Four</a>


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