Double Moons Prayer Initiative Part One

187 Double Moon Prayer Initiative, Part One
October 6, 2013

This blog article is testimony concerning June, July, and perhaps even August of 2013. I had to reach back and write this after having taken some highly allegorical/poetic writing off my blog. I am going to place that poetic writing in a series here on the blog and I will interpret what I was going through as I wrote what I did as I continued to pray. This first article introduces what I was doing, how I got there, and the major characters written into the poetry.

This website is a live book of continual testimony and prayer that I hope will comfort according to the work of the Most Holy Spirit whom we Christians have each day to teach us and comfort us in our times on this earth until Jesus Christ comes again, at which time we get to be <b>ALTOGETHER</b> as Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ with I AM as it was in the beginning before the curse.

I will begin by sharing the dream I had some years ago which prophetically indicated I would be doing what I did in mid-2013. Please keep in mind I had not had blinders removed at the time of this dream; therefore, I did not know I was a gatekeeper. I was still in the valley of the shadow of death of Psalm 23 that was the first 40 years of my Christian existence.

I cannot remember the exact time when I had the dream, and I tried to have it interpreted once by someone skilled in dream interpretation. She did not know the meaning and neither did my mother though double moons does depict two months, and that was true in the case of this prayer initiative. But nobody could help with interpretation of anything I have written and testified.

This is as according to Revelation 2:16-17: <i>Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.</i>

It is noteworthy that I also have prophetic prayer and testimony experience with the Church of Thyatira (written directly after the above reference) which is shared on this website, and I have heeded the warnings of Revelation 2 concerning that witch Jezebel. You will see testimony of how this is true within the Double Moon Prayer Initiative series. What I am saying about verses 16-17 is that the Coffeys have been given a white stone, and nobody knows our name. That is the very clear testimony across five years now.

After I share, and interpret, the dream, I will then share the allegorical prayer journey pieces I wrote as I suffered through this intense valley of the shadow of death conclusion of my last 40 years of Christianity. I will also link blog articles that are the conclusion to this that happened in my life in June through July of 2013.

My readers will have to believe me or not; as to your judging this as prophecy you cannot according to First Corinthians 14. That is because it is <b>testimony</b>.

In the dream, I was standing in some sort of large hanger. I found out later through different means that it was a rocket hanger and not an airplane one. I was on the left, and at the entrance. I was wearing Mennonite attire I think because I must have had the dream when our house church went into the bondage of teaching about head covering and modest dress on the Mennonite Church. I held a baby on my hip and looked up. There were these two huge moons standing side by side in the starless night sky. They were very near the earth. I looked over, and four or five fighter jets came in to take out me and my family, but then they passed by.

<i>This dream depicts the last five years of this ministry being born, and we were not destroyed. The double moons were two months which began June 22, 2013 when our oldest child, Edith, was married to a young man quickly and unexpectedly. Unknown to us until later, that was the summer solstice and the night of the largest super moon of the year.

<i>One month later, on July 23, 2013, our eighth child, and sixth daughter, had her ninth birthday. There is private testimony about how that particular birth story of Lydia Joy happened at a distinct time that allowed me to understand I was standing in the gap through her birth for the spirit of Jezebel tormenting my ultra-charismatic friends.</i>

<b><center>Timeline of Double Moons Prayer Initiative</c></b>

1. I began a United States Prayer Initiative in 2012 that is shared in <a href=”″>United States Prayer Initiative *Updated Weekly*</a>.

2. I went into repentance in knowledge as according to the ladies of leisure of Isaiah 32 and also Proverbs 31 when it talks about how it is not good for women to rule. I have removed a lot of that writing, but I have in the past pointed out how in America, women rule to a large extent. And so I tied that in with Isaiah 32 particularly because I am “married to Isaiah” as a testifier.

3. Edith got married, and that is shared in <a href=”″>A Marriage Announcement</a>.

4. After that came about, then things got really weird. Actually, I’d already been getting really weird but it is not testified on this website because there is too much detail. I had learned to write prayer lists, and so I systematically began burning some of them as I continued to walk in this neighborhood and pray. In this whole process, I was mimicking the priests of the Old Testament, but at a home level as according to Second John. I was removing anti-Christ from my home and repenting over and over again in the process because Curtis and I had let in a lot of things into this home as do many Christians of America but we didn’t realize it until we went through the testimony of <i>Uncovered No More: clothed by God</i> where it is testified my blinders were removed in November of 2008 as according to the Apostle Paul.

5. Under direction of the Holy Spirit, I entered a time of being “Eve”, and that is actually shared in my second book in the mini-chapter, “Shall We Dance?”. So I had been there a while, and much of my writing is about the curse and what I see within the body of Christ of America that is taught to women and men that is still a part of the curse in underlying ways. We have imbalance issues in American Christianity, and I repented for that in some of what I did in this prayer journey.

6. I first went on a “Jericho March” prayer initiative where I did eight figure eight walks in Austin, TX, at the zip code 78736.

7. I then went on a “Tower of Babel” prayer initiative where I did another eight figure eight walks in Austin, TX, at the zip code 78736.

8. There were some concluding, and miraculous, happenings which I will share in this series.

<b><center>Cast of Double Moon Initiative Characters</b></c>

I am Little Sister sometimes allegorically from this blog article forward, and in this series I am also “Sister & Mother Eve”–according to the entire book of Second John–to all of the “Adams” herein.

Curtis Edward Coffey is Husband Adam. Brother Adam is in allegory, and he is several men of God explained to a degree within <a href=”″>My Brother and I</a>. My dad, Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr, is Father Adam with another man who is a Jewish believer in the United States of America. Grandfather Adam, if there is one herein, is my Grandfather Robert Hilton Beaty and several other men allegorically. This concept of multiple men, and women along with me, is alluded within <a href=”″>Little Sister’s Goodbye</a> along with the entire series that ended this website blog roll. And the series begins within <a href=”″>A Little Looking Glass</a>.

There is testimony about some ministries that has been removed as of 2/15/2014, and it is because I set the bird free that is me according to a dream I had on the eighth full moon from my daughter Edith’s marriage on Valentine’s Day 2014, thank God for His mercies are new every morning.

The reason I had to use ministries, and several generations, in this allegory is because of the concepts within Exodus 20:5-6:

<i>Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; 6 And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.</i>

If I am acting as some man or woman from the Bible, and if I pray for things that are in the Bible, it is noted in the blog articles. This is simply my gifting of traveling in realms, and the Bible, for prayer purposes as one of those who is a “wise virgin” that prays until my Lord comes some day in the Flesh again. Oh how I long for that Day, when the Lover of our souls does come back for the Bride who is being prepared for the Bridegroom.

The Double Moon Prayer Initiative is allegory as are some others of the blog articles from here on out. I hope any reader can take comfort and hope, for Jesus has overcome the world. I believe that above the lies of fear and unbelief, and so I pray out my belief in the Bible, and the precious and finished work of Jesus Christ on the earth, every day. It is in writing now on this blog. Amen.


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