Something I Simply See

At least those stickers didn’t draw blood or hurt this time as I was cleaning up around my property. Don’t judge me Sunday mornings if I bring my Chromebook to keep doing blog work at church. I need to be there. Don’t expect me to sit still in chairs anymore. I’m like Essie Gracie. Chairs confine and we can take it for a while but when the pastor goes on and on and on in teaching it gets painful to sit there. *Shrug* at least Life Austin serves coffee and has a nice area to sit. I can always see Randy Phillips teaching. LOL 😂 because they have a big screen TV but I’d rather watch a cartoon. I like “Word World”. Seriously though—I cannot watch screens anymore and I hate mirrors unless they are in bathrooms but even then—dear ones know I hate myself too. It’s going to be ok. Jesus loves us in America this we all know. Let us love ourselves and one another tomorrow as Jesus good as we did it today. 😘💛💚💜


Emotion. Perception. The lack of emotion. Silence. Noise Galore. The lack of love. The abundance of expectation. Anger. Hate. Jealousy. Black/White. Techni-color. Forgiveness. Retention…………..

None of these entities are in and of themselves sinful until they are. That takes free will to make them “are”. And then the opposite of that stance of free will is that it takes repentance on the part of humans, and perhaps angels too, in order to get back to the above entities in balance.

I want to share from my heart tonight. First of all, I am going to share as being a woman. And then, I’m going to share as someone being highly gifted.

As a Christian woman, there are some base line issues in my life across 45 years which tend to play into paragraph two for me and for that other person I’m trying to interact with. If I’m your parent, God help you because you don’t understand me and I do understand you particularly with the kind of gifting I have. Oops. Sorry. It’s a life called Cara Coffey but as I’ve said over and again, all Christian women one way or another, as mothers, identify with two key chapters in the New Testament: the woman of 2 John and the woman of Revelation 12. When I start talking about the prophetess side of me for just a minute, you will get the whore of Revelation 17. Christians look at me and run when that gal comes walking in. I’m just saying. Whatever. Lots of women identify with that bitch. (laughing)

So here are some base line, normal issues for a Christian woman:

  1. We cannot understand how to be Jesus. He is male. The Christian Church has taught us women that males are golden and we are wood, hay, and stubble….with our children if those children are not idolatrous. Any questions? But I’m not kidding. Because guess what guys: whether you like it or not you tend to, ahem, and Jesus said so in the Gospel Record by calling Apostle Peter Satan and Apostle Judas Iscariot a devil…..lord it over everybody just like the curse on women says you were gonna do. Obvious. I’m sorry. Did I offend you with the Bible record? Shaboopie guys don’t like to identify with those beasts of Revelation 13. I had to LOL one of the last Bobby’s Briefings I got to see before I sailed away from FaceBook: he was like the Lord had to chastise me because…….with that dad-gum big smile on his face. The first time I saw that big smile on that Man of God’s face was with him sitting at a big, round table in a conference room somewhere in Irving, Texas, while Keith Miller’s face was planted, literally, in his plate. I hope he wasn’t eating spaghetti. Anyway Bobby Conner doesn’t have a hard time being chastised by God. Most Christian men I know have a problem with that because I dunno why. So Gals: be Jesus. He ain’t male there. He is neither male or female there. When your hubs starts to fuss at you slap him on the ass and get him over himself while making him laugh. If he’s doing this stuff with your kids, blow it up and fix it later with the kids. They will hate you and assume you are destroying your marriage. They will tell you this. Keep a goin’ because here is the deal with Christian Kids: the Bible does tell them to honor their parents. They’ll do it because the guys scared the living shit out of them about hell. As my fourth child told me not long ago as she took my seventh child to get a bikini before they went on a mini-vacay and NO they didn’t ask the parents, those sly devils–yeah Mom… long as you cover your butt and boobs it isn’t true that you will burn in hell forever. Now am I saying all of the hyper-religious Baptist women should go push the limits of your family and wear a bikini? Naw. You go figure it all out. I’m busy. I had to laugh not long ago. This gal who’d been a Christian awhile was wearing her modest 3/4 length denim bottoms with a tank on top at Circle C Park as she and her hubs were on a walk. Progress! Bless her heart, she prolly felt nekked. God have mercy now I’m gonna tell a story: I was changing Alva Richard’s diaper in the front passenger seat of our van in my lap. Since I was lifting the infant legs like a pump–guess what came out all over my modest jumper? And it kept coming out ’til I figgered out the pump mechanism. It was orange, that volcanic eruption. We took a hike after I quit LOLing.  I was in my pantaloons and no joke ya’ll: I was more modest than anybody in that park in my pantaloons and top. The jumper was history that trip and I felt nekked at Inks Lake but I had a good hike anyway.
  2. Christian guys, no matter what age or color: read that entire #1 20 billion times because you are not going to understand it and if you don’t at least pretend you understand what I’m saying, your wife will submit to you and hate on me for being hard to understand because her poor husband, at least in Austin, Texas, has a bald head at Whole Foods while I’m trying to sit there and mind my business sipping on something and checking Twitter while they are eating a Marriage Something of the Lamb with me looking very baa baa black/white sheep have you any wool?  I mean seriously I wanna scream when a black head is bald but on the other hand, black American Christian guys, you are just that: guys. You don’t understand women any better than white guys do is my guess. Correct me if I’m wrong. Lemme tell you something about black guys and angel guys: they don’t correct women. I can hear what they are thinking: No! I’m not gonna get a bitch slap toDAY. My point in #2 is simple: guys, if you are older than any woman in the room, we treat you like a pastor. Period. Some of us, depending on how religious we were drug up, will do that to young guys. Me. Well. I looked at my two to three year old Alva Richard one day and realized that boy thought he ruled me. I Beaty-laughed in my prophetic mind and later, when he was pitching a royal fit while I was innocently trying to have a phone conversation with Michelle, dropped ice water on him and he quit. Everybody laughs about it now. Today, Rich is a sensitive and lovely gentle man. He doesn’t tell me what to do but boy howdy the first three and last three take care of that little item.  Thanks for that male leadership of the Christian church. You order women around like we are circus poodles. Sheesh.
  3. Prophetic US: we have to wear sunglasses because lights and big buildings like Walmart and Costco with all those people around screw us up and we will wander around losing our car and buying too much. Walmart likes that buying too much I bet. Costco is much more respectful about it all but they have more money. So you choose which place to look like an idiot, oh prophetic person. I been looking like one my whole life everywhere. We have to listen to music to focus. We have to be careful or we get drunk on television. We have to produce or we go insane for a minute. We pretend we don’t do this so people will quit verbally abusing us, telling us what to do, and otherwise misunderstanding us. Look at the person next to you. According to Joel and Acts chapters two, I am telling you that person and you are like this. Even the Baptist is like this–and the Muslim. Get over ourselves is my suggestion and love one another. Let GOD heal us NOW so that we can give our Living Water Love that Jesus Christ died and arose to give us–to more of them one smile at a time. When you are needing the assistance, you can always smile. You can always say “thank you” and be interested in that other person who is assisting you. Even you, oh male pastor of the Christian Church. Mahesh Chavda done told us what to do and I accept it from him because Brother Mahesh is Brother Mahesh. In December of 2015 he told us not to let our weariness define us. Leave it to Brother Mahesh to say the Bible and pretend he wasn’t using the Bible: he was just quoting “Do not grow weary in well doing”. Well I been doing and I still get lost in parking lots. But at least Lydia Joy is not passenger seat driving this week. She is 13. Yes, yes….she tells me how to drive while Robert Edward has to sit in the corner more than he’d like but dad-gum even he thinks he’s doing better so there you have it. He is doing better. When your mama’s been swimming in hell with Jesus it seems like the mama-ing chores get a little behind the times. SO……I’m still not letting my weariness define me, Brother Mahesh and no worries because I’d never slap you. Your skin ain’t white.

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