Little Sister’s Goodbye

Why I kept coming back after writing this letter to American Christianity in my second volume of testimony I will never understand. Somehow; though it must be wrong; somehow it didn’t seem like love made a way according to 1 Corinthians 13. Anyway…….

553 Little Sister’s Goodbye
Dear Christian family,

I can see signs of change. Occasionally, I listen to Christian prophetic voices by reading on the Internet. I understand that much of what is testified or prophesied is not perfect, but it is relevant. Though I stay out of national and worldwide events except for prayer, I can say that my personal experience is such to indicate there has been some sort of shift in the spirit world. I have dreamed it, and I have witnessed it. I live in it and have known confirmation to what I testify through a prophetic voice at the Texas Ablaze Conference to which Curtis and I went in 2010.

Dr. Chuck Pierce taught us at the conference, and he said there had been a shift in September of 2008. I looked at him in astonishment when he said what he did, and then I mentally faded out after that. I was a living testament to what he prophetically proclaimed, yet I sat there in an inconsequential haze as a housewife who was in the midst of writing her first book. September is a very shocking month for me. Twenty-eight years before September of 2008, my dad’s brother, Edward Kenneth, died from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Then my own brother died ten days later.

Fast-forward to September 17, 2008, and my brother-in-law lay dying on the highway after a motorcycle accident. He miraculously lived. Three days before my brother’s death twenty-eight years before, the demons came for me. It was the day after Curtis told me the title of my book(s) would be Uncovered No More. While I know Dr. Pierce said September of 2008 was the catalyst, my personally greatest torment came in the days of December 21-23, 2008. December 24 saw me sitting in a chair in my room and taking one sip of hot tea with vinegar in it by accident; the bitterness was not a comfort. I cannot remember exactly all that happened, but there are figments of glimpses left.

My fight with something ferocious and terrifying in that entire month of December rendered me coming down the stairs the night of December 23 understanding that I felt I had been a part of something potentially large in the spirit, but the earth life was unaffected. I stayed upstairs in the fifth windowless bedroom that early morning, watching and waiting. I worshipped in a way I long to do again; however, it may not be for me until the time of no time. I saw what my brother is doing, and this healed my broken heart over his death.

By Christmas morning that year, we knew I was going to survive. By January 2009, I knew my life would never be the same; and it isn’t, but I look normal. I have things like spider bites while writing book chapters happen to me occasionally. The last day of getting the initial first draft onto paper of this volume saw me fight in the spirit as I wrote the chapter “Prophetic Gifting is Desirable.” I wheezed my way through most of it as Curtis prayed over me while taking the children to the San Antonio Zoo. The physical attack hit after about four paragraphs into the chapter. It was because I had taken one over-the-counter painkiller to try to rid myself of the headache which persisted as I wrote, and the caffeine in the pill tripped my adrenal glands to the point of an overreaction. I had prophesied this episode a couple of nights before it happened by telling Curtis I thought perhaps there would be a fight to write that chapter like there had been to write <a href=”″>Jezebel and Silence.</a>

In mid- to late 2011, the Lord prophetically took me back to the drowning deaths of the five Yates children. Andrea Yates committed the horrible crime in a fit of insanity in Houston, Texas, on June 20, 2001. There were indications of both the strongholds of religion and the strongholds of Jezebel within that home. The Yates parents evidently had been exposed to Quiverfull doctrine.

Ten years later, as I was writing this book in 2011, I identified with Andrea Yates because I had almost been driven insane. But when the large demon jumped onto me, I was able to hand my four-month-old, Edward, over to my fourth child, Dorothy, because I realized I couldn’t take care of him. I was able to call Curtis, though I babbled at his answering machine and left him a message that I was possibly going to call 911. I had a Christian sister who called to talk to me because my two oldest daughters were going to help her move that awful day, and when I blurted out that I was not a good wife or mother uncontrollably, in a bit of shock, she prayed for me. And then I wandered out my front door only to meet Dad walking down the outdoor steps of our home because he had been upstairs talking to my mother. She was upstairs cleaning out the mess left when my mother-in-law was removed from our home.

I told Dad I needed to talk to him, and he led me into his office. As I began to babble at him, I told him I was going to divorce Curtis. And then I broke down and started to yell, “I’m insane! I’m insane!”

Dad jumped up out of his office chair and came around to me. He began to rebuke it in the name of Jesus. Insanity showed itself to him then, and I smile to say that this little ploy was not a very smart move on Insanity’s part. My daddy is, after all, a tried and true Texan. He is the typical sort of valiant male. He sees wickedness attacking those in his care, and he loses it.

With complete scorn in his eyes, Dad said, “You don’t scare me. Get off of her in the name of Jesus!” And then he kept rebuking it and told Insanity exactly where to go and exactly where it was not allowed to stay. But Andrea Yates had no one, no one. It is hard to understand the pain of demonic oppression unless you have experienced it. If you read the story of Andrea Yates, the suffering is not intertwined within the bare facts of her case, but I cannot imagine the years of torment that took this woman to the point of drowning her children. I hope the love of Christ has reached her now. Her suffering is what has allowed me to write about Philip and his four prophetic daughters.

Almost in tears, I will tell you it is a frightful thing to have people around you affected how I have had people around me affected. An uncle dead, a brother swept away, a brother-in-law lying in the street, my own mind significantly altered, and all of it connected across two families to me alone. Yes, I have felt very alone. I am a brother-less and sister-less person, though I have a husband, children, and parents all here. I thank God for His provision for me in my family because they keep me grounded. <i>(As a prophetess, I am still alone in 2014 though at least Curtis and I understand the calling on my life so it is much better now.)</i>

Our Christian friends have been estranged from us for no good reason. There were three brothers in Christ that my husband had to cut from fellowship to protect this family and me, particularly. The church situations as well as other Internet happenings that I had no control over had to be testified by me in volume one and even into volume two. I simply was only ever “there.” I do not like me sometimes.

I have understood that there is such a thing as the divine blindness of mercy. This concept is actually in a poem within the conclusion of volume one. In volume two, I have written of many issues of blindness of the demonic sort. But the blindness, which God allows in a life, is pure mercy. To understand what you are doing sometimes would only cause worry, fear, and other emotions. The Bible is true: God never allows any Christian to be tempted beyond what we are able. (First Corinthians 10:13) I well remember the day I realized what I had been doing for my entire life. Actually, this understanding didn’t even come all at once. God is so gracious, and His mercies are indeed new every morning.

Christianity is no different than any other people group right now: We have our wars, and we have rumors of them. Though I know the advancements in technology will not be stopped, I also know that Christians do not need to be enslaved by them. To be connected to worldwide and nationwide Christianity without intimate and meaningful connections at the home and local church level will bring us down further. Particularly, this is the case at the home level. To nod at globalism while getting on with grassroots living will require the faith of Abraham and Sarah to accomplish. God’s work is globally local, and I wonder if American Christianity needs to understand this better.

What would it take to thoroughly cleanse our midst of technological living that distances us from our neighbor? What would it take to cleanse the nationwide temple of the Lord God from Christian judgment, misunderstandings, and anger one toward another? These are questions which perhaps should be asked by American Christianity now. At least, it is my thought. I don’t suppose my thoughts carry much weight, although I wonder if sometimes, what with the hugeness of living now, there needs to be a few small voices of change to make us realize it is not all that huge.

What can you do today to enact this shift backward, oh Christian? What can you do today? How can you pray, open your home, read the Bible, interact with your family and friends, and go about living in such a way as is interfused with the purpose for which you have been called?

I will tell you what I can do. My next door neighbor is a woman whose “spouse” (they were never married) left last year. Curtis witnessed to him, and the man knew the Lord needed to be more primary in his life. He was going to go away and try to reconnect with Him.

Before this man left, I talked to my neighbor (the “wife”) one day early on in their existence next door. She conversed with me about homeschooling her daughter. She was sending her to a church preschool down the street but had some wavering thoughts on sending her daughter into the public school system as she grows older. After discussing school options with me, she told me that she wanted to get more educated and develop a career. In other words, she refused my testimony and decided to live her life her way. I told her I was not sorry for all the years I have spent and continue to spend with my children. This neighbor’s children come over sometimes to play, and we take every opportunity we can to pray for them. We try to love them in Christ, and this is what we can do for now.

It is not escaping my notice that I could have had similar conversations with Christian women across this land. I sat on the couch with one not too long ago when Curtis and I went to a “beginning membership” meeting in a pastor’s home as we were going through the process of trying to find a church to attend in our area. Her husband let it slip in our introductory conversations that she is looking for a job, and she showed obvious scorn because she wanted to remain hidden. The Sunday school leading couple was there, and they know her daughters. The little joking exchange about these teenage young ladies and their behavior was not funny. They are following in their mother’s foolish, arrogant footsteps.

Another example of difficulty that I witness comes from our Facebook interaction. Some of my younger brothers in Christ seem to be in “party mode” much of the time. I witness Christian young men openly admitting what liquor they were enjoying at home, and there are pictures to prove their fun. I wonder if they understand the testimony of worldliness they are leaving for others to contemplate. It is a slippery slope to mingle worldliness in with our faith walk. There is black; there is white; there is gray. I do not recommend walking within gray zones of Christianity.

However, there are the other Christian young men. They get so involved in first this doctrine and then the other one that they cannot see the arrogant path they are walking. They try to get just the right doctrinal slant into their life to be “correct” like their older counterpart is doing. Somehow, these young and old men think the rest of Christianity ought to listen to them in their place of having figured it all out when, in truth, they must be banished from fellowship lest they do even more damage to other Christians. Both arrogance and disunity tend to pass from one generation of Christian man to the other. It is sadly astonishing to watch.

I weep inside to testify of an acquaintance I used to have whose name was Martha. When we were going to an independent Baptist church in our area, I connected with an older woman there, and she found Martha to help me. She would come once per week. I could tell her life was struggling in our conversations as we cleaned together, and I had indication of it from the pastor as well. She left off helping me, and then I heard later she spun out of control and did some alarming things.

One night, I dreamed of her in my bathroom. I think she was cleaning the toilet, but she paused as the youngest son of the associate pastor from the independent Baptist church came up out of it. He was spewing demonic power like water at her. She was locked in torment. In the dream, I got out of bed and stepped between her and the young man, and therefore the torment was hitting me full force. I rebuked the demonic projected power in the name of Jesus.

I awoke a little shaken. This dream meant that Martha was being attacked by the religious spirit that I had already sensed was in the church. Modest dress was generally speaking not a problem there; however, the children in the church school were struggling, and Christianity was on the fringe in the young generation yet again, though there were many programs ongoing. It was either that or the young ladies were striving so hard to give their all in church service that they were having adrenal fatigue issues. I witnessed this difficulty in two such young women, and one of them was not even married yet. There has been a change in that church, though, and I say by faith there is deliverance for “Martha” therein.

I watch myself and others find ways not to practice the love dance with Jesus, which is repentance and forgiveness released within a Christian life and congregation. There is a lot of time wasted when Christians avoid this important component. For every moment of un-reconciliation amongst Christians, there is a baby dying, a woman crying, and a man hiding. The consequences perpetuate worldwide. When Christians allow this to happen, we pass up the opportunity to share in the sufferings of our Lord Jesus. If Christians across this land turn this dynamic around and realize the catalyst forgiveness and repentance can be, we will quite possibly experience and witness more miracles on this earth, which likely could be even more astonishing. (John 3:11-21; John 14:11-13).

However, repentance and forgiveness in tandem are not the very first necessary components for revival, restoration, and return to New Testament balance. There are Christians in this country who are arrogant enough that they are blind, as were the leadership who primarily crucified Christ (though I am not intimating that only men have this issue to say this because that is not the case). Humility is the choice for Christianity that will combat the root of pride that perpetuates demonic blindness.

In the fear of God, I will say what I have said any number of ways within this book: Christian women, the difficulties within the ranks of the youth in this country are in large part the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil being eaten by Eve. She does not understand the love of all loves as fully as she should. She does not understand the sacrifice made on her behalf. She is being arrogant in her own way.

In the fear of God, I will say what I have said any number of ways within this book: Christian men must understand that the difficulties within the ranks of women in this country are in large part the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil being eaten by Adam. He does not understand the love of all loves as fully as he should. He does not understand that the forgiven Eve is no longer in the transgression. He is being arrogant in his own way.


In Exodus 32:7-14, the great man of God, Moses, did something astonishing. He asked the Lord God to blot his name out of the Book of Life for the sake of turning the anger of God from the children of Israel. God had asked Moses to let the children of Israel alone so He could destroy them one and all, and this was the courageous response Moses requested. God was pleased. He assured Moses there would be no blotting of his name from the book, and His anger was turned.

When I read Moses’s heart love for the people of God, I was struck to the core with shame. Would that I had the love willing to be blotted out and away from my Lord God in eternity, but I do not. However, there is the meeting of God where we can with what is within our hearts to do, and therefore I close this letter with the prayer of my diary the day that I was hit with repentance:

Oh God, though I cannot want to be blotted out of your book, I can say I would wish to lose my reward. I will not give up eternal fellowship with my Lord for stiff-necked people whom I see in this nation. But I could give up my reward, oh God, willingly, if you will but fall in repentance, remorse, and humility upon Christian people across America.

Moses would not have suffered pigs within the temple, and to have sacrificed one upon any altar of God would have been treacherous indeed. I know men of God in this country who have this ferocious fear and love of God Most High, and I live with five of them daily. My daddy is almost eighty. My son is three. There are all generations here at this property. May the great men of God nationwide come forth unto deliverance of us.

In the love of Christ,
Cara Ann Coffey

Here is a portion of the blog article I put this chapter within as I desperately tried to survive the ostracizing of the me whom was really me my whole life and forevermore. It was known. I know exactly when but that’s none of your business whomever you are all glory to GOD and in Jesus Name, amen.

Hear me, oh Ministerial Christianity, lest blood on the right and the left continues to drip off your hands, heads, and hearts afterwards instead of your Dripping Springs of Living Water Love being served humbly by the wife of the Lamb 24/7 within Christian Borders first in America, and then, worldwide. Water, it turns to wine in Jesus’s Name, Amen. (John 2:8-10)

Christian Mama, give them all up for Jesus in the whole beautiful process. Your husband will weep as Curtis did several nights ago as he listened to Annie’s Song, written and sung by John Denver, for you to persevere in the work of the mother of Christianity because we both realize today how we were idolatrous in our marriage, and so for all the repentance written here on this blog please realize also how many tears have been shed by Curtis and me for our own sin in the matter of deliverance according to the entire book of Revelation.

Little boys with “666” on their sweet heads and little girls with “666” on their lovely right hands, and particularly if they are a part of that injured beast of Revelation chapter 13 as Christian children, need our help, oh Mothers of the Christian World. We are the Helper. Let’s kick demonic butt in the Name of Jesus Christ in the home front first. I can testify how Our Husband takes care of the rest in love with Us, all glory to God.

The other church about which I wrote in August of 2014 which is in Austin, Texas, where I shook dust off my feet is where I submitted my prophetic spirit in action when I went to their parking lot as I shared in this series which was written from April 21, 2015 until today.

All in all, the doctor of love who delivered my Esther Grace & Robert Edward Coffey has a heart of gold even as the pastor of Cathedral of Praise. And then, thank God Jesus Christ, even as Bob Jones of Bob Jones Ministries died on Valentine’s Day, 2014. There is a rest for the people of God in faith, yes, there is.

Such men and women of God they are, all of them–the world is not worthy. They are all around me in Austin, Texas, and worldwide. It is the Christian spiritual services of worship to God poured out as an offering 24/7/365 world and time-wide that made possible my entrance into the larger scheme of things as Little Sister. Forty-nine years and two weeks later, and my exit is complete.

Lucifer only reads Revelation chapters 12, 13, and 17. His absolute and beautifully complete, musical arrogance blinds him to the rest of Revelation, and then of course there are the seven thunders in Revelation 10 which the Apostle John was not allowed to write.

The Apostle John wrote all of Revelation under unction of the Holy Spirit, and that is a largest reason why this website is a “pole in the fullest wilderness” for the Christian Nation to look upon and ponder. Uncovered No More is a help ministry, nothing more; nothing less.

The prince of this world and I danced with my husband. Yes, oh yes, on April 14, 1966, I took a bite of knowledgeable fruit. <a href=”″>The serpent dragon and I reasoned with one another together</a> until Jesus Christ picked me up on His White Horse.

And so, the dragon is slain in this story in a small way first even as I am the first transgressor; it was time. I saw the “666” on my right hand because Lucifer himself was allowed to bite me for a little season of mysterious island-dwelling for seven years. He hurts me still, but I set about helping Christianity world and time-wide remove all of it in Jesus’s Name because I love humankind by God’s Design, and I was reduced as can be read on this website in the meantime. I do not hurt because of my reduction; I hurt because of American Christian Rejection.

And for every day that I am retaining forgiveness upon Walter Coffey and Bobbie Jo R.  it is another day that I will retain broad and narrow; deep and wide, retention of forgiveness upon American Christianity as a whole in the United States of America in Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Henceforth from this day, you are forgiven seventy times seven upon my last breath or yours. If, and when, Walter and Bobbie Jo come to me face to face and actively repent, I will forgive them. Or, they will die in their meantime. Either way, upon their deaths or their repentance to me personally, American Christianity is released wholeheartedly by me as Cara Ann Coffey and by my Beloved, in Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Otherwise, I would continue to be driven insane if I do not seal the heavenly openings for the remaining 35 years of my real-time, and second, 144 allegorical year walk of repentance alongside my Beloved worldwide. I decided that was not going to be an option even though I looked foolish to the American Christian World across the last seven years particularly and publicly.

There are prisons, and then, there are prisons. <a href=”″>Eating crumbs under the Master’s Table for 49 years was murderous to me.</a>

The Heavenly Father set my boundaries of deliverance for His Own Pleasure and mine, though, and I will say it again: I would never, ever, not have written this website because God the Father, Jesus the Son, and Holy Spirit the Comforter and Teacher are Priceless Reality. I AM…….oh……


Friday, October 13, 2017: this is not the first one of blogs I’ve written through I can assure you all of the world’s order. I am free with five websites and three of my youngest children tonight. It began in January of 2017 when the Father said hello to my three youngest in a line at HEB as He purchased some small, sweet Valentine’s gifts. That is our Daddy: in love with us. That is our Jesus: in love with us but exhausted. Yes, you see, He is exhausted and America did it to him from 1950-1966–until I spent $28.10 at GraceLand off 290West today to fill up my slate blue Toyota. It doesn’t matter to me, you see. I love Jesus. What doesn’t matter, Cara? Humans who are of that sort I will no longer have anything to do with and I am confused on that point forevermore, may God forgive me if it needs forgiving, humans of that sort don’t matter to me anymore after what I watched you do to my Love Jesus Christ. amen.


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